Here’s Why doping in Sports is a crime and strictly banned; How did doping start?

Doping in sports are substances or drugs that improves the athlete’s performance. Drugs or substances that are usually used are steroids, human growth hormone, erythropoietin, stimulants. They are injected into the body increases their boosts, physical strength, mass, and decreasing the sensation of fatigue.

Why is doping in Sports banned?

Doping in sports is banned because of how dangerous it can be for the body, athletes who perform should be equal without using any substances, good example to other people on not using drugs and etc. In 1928, the IAAF(International Association of Athletics Federations) wanted doping to be banned and it was the first sports federation to ban it.

After some time Olympics also banned it in 1968. To find any drugs in the athlete’s body, there are tests taken by taking a sample of the athlete’s blood or urine. It is taken to a laboratory that is anonymous to the scientist so that there won’t be any biased results. This is a compulsory test for every athlete.

Were there any athletes that used doping in sports and what were the consequences for them?

Recently a Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva had tested positive for using trimetazidine. Trimetazidine is used to prevent chest pains or heart-related conditions. However, the sports federation board had allowed her to continue due to her being a minor. This did not mean that the other athletes had gotten away with it.

Tyson Gay who tested positive for a banned steroid was suspended to do any track and race for one year. The athlete could be banned for At least 4 years if any doping is used repeatedly and no training or competing until the board allows.

Which countries have committed to more doping cases?

Russia and Italy have committed to more doping cases. Russia has a total of 51 stripped medals, this means that the medals were taken away from the athletes that did doping.

Europe had 993 cases in total between 2000-2010 which is the most and the least continent with the least cases in Africa with a total of 137 doping cases between 2000-2010. This all information was collected from the Remote Gambling Association. There was a total of at least 2000 cases worldwide.

Where did all this doping start from?

The first case of doping was the 1904 summer Olympics when a coach had told an athlete to use strychnine to stimulate him and make him run faster to finish the race.

He collapsed after he finished and he got to keep his medal since doping wasn’t banned at that time. 1936 summer Olympics, Eleanor Holm was disqualified and didn’t receive her gold medal due to acute alcoholism. After all these many athletes had started to do doping which lead to making it ban and making tests that every athlete had to take.

The writer is Ashna Bisht, sports lover, Studying in 10th Standard in UAE

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