Author: Aashna Bisht

Here’s How Plastics Affect Climate Change, It’s Time To Ban Plastic Products

Almost all plastic is derived from materials (like ethylene and propylene) made from fossil fuels (mostly oil and gas). The process of extracting and transporting those fuels, then manufacturing plastic creates billions of tones of greenhouse gases. For example, 4% of the world’s annual petroleum production is diverted to making plastic, and another 4% gets

Here’s Why doping in Sports is a crime and strictly banned; How did doping start?

Doping in sports are substances or drugs that improves the athlete’s performance. Drugs or substances that are usually used are steroids, human growth hormone, erythropoietin, stimulants. They are injected into the body increases their boosts, physical strength, mass, and decreasing the sensation of fatigue. Why is doping in Sports banned? Doping in sports is banned

Kpop is rising, and not only from the East

Let’s start with the groups who are dominating the world with their music: BTS and BLACKPINK are among the famous Kpop groups. Blackpink consists of four members: Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo. Lisa was born in Thailand. She was a trainee in YG ENTERTAINMENT for five years. She is known for her dancing and rapping.