Here’s why Former PM Morarji Desai and Gulzari Lal Nanda could not even get their house built

Whenever the discussion of politics and politicians goes on in the country of India, common man thinks with a sense of hatred towards them. Politics has now become a means of earning in the eyes of the people. The qualities of service, dedication, sacrifice and honesty, which were in the earlier politicians, are now completely absent.

It is to be known that before and after independence, there were many such leaders in India, who can become the icon of today’s politicians, but this is not happening. In a democratic system, the facilities and facilities available to the representatives of the people attract the people, but winning the election is not a matter of the common man.

A huge amount is needed to win the elections of Legislature, MP, MLC or Local Bodies. This amount will be with those who have legitimate and illegitimate sources of it. We have been hearing about the sale of tickets in elections.

Recently, elections were held for 24 MLC seats in Bihar. The only exception among the candidates is that someone’s assets have been below crores. Looking at the situation so far, it can be inferred that after five years, the assets of these representatives would have increased manifold. However, the country has also seen a phase of politics in such a way that many people were PM-CMs, but they could not get a house built for themselves. Most of them are no longer in this world, but some are still alive. Come, know about the life of these gems of politics…

Gulzari Lal Nanda used to live in a rented house

Khanty Gandhian Gulzari Lal Nanda was the caretaker-interim prime minister of India thrice. He also became the foreign minister once. Nanda, who was one of Gandhi’s exclusive supporters in the freedom struggle, had to spend his last life in a rented house. When he was accepted a pension of 500 rupees as a freedom fighter, he refused to take it saying that he had not fought for the pension. Later, on the persuasion of friends that if they live in a rented house, then from where will they pay the rent, then they accepted the pension.

Once the landlord had even thrown him out of the house due to the remaining rent. Later, when the news of this was published in the newspapers, the government staff reached and the landlord came to know that he had made a big mistake. It would not be an exaggeration to call such a politician a gem of politics, who, despite being PM and Union Minister, could not make a living for himself and spent his life in a rented house.

Morarji Desai could not even get his own house built

Morarji Desai could not get a house built for himself despite being the CM of Mumbai province, Deputy PM of the country, Union Minister for several times and PM for the last time. He lived in a rented house till the end of his life. Born on 29 February 1896, Morarji Desai was a Deputy Collector during the British period. Morarji had a disagreement with his collector. After that he left the job in 1930. Then on the call of Mahatma Gandhi, he became a soldier of the freedom movement.

After independence, in 1952, he became the Chief Minister of Mumbai province. Later, he also held the post of Union Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister during 1977-79. But surprisingly, he did not build any house for himself. He lived a normal life in a rented house. In 1975, when Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency, she was arrested.

Morarji’s simplicity was such that once he came to Patna while being the Prime Minister. According to the protocol, arrangements were made in the Raj Bhavan for his rest. At night, instead of sleeping in an air-conditioned room, he completed his night’s sleep by putting a mosquito net in the open part of the Raj Bhavan. His simplicity and honesty were also praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the time of his death.

Morarji’s simplicity and honesty can also be understood from the fact that whenever he had to travel abroad while being the Prime Minister, he went by service plane. He avoided the special aircraft so that the country’s money is not wasted unnecessarily. Yes, then the journalists going on foreign visits of the Prime Minister were definitely angry that they had to spend their own money for this. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also put a complete stop on the tradition of taking journalists on foreign trips.

Prevented family members from joining politics while in office

Morarji Desai and Gulzari Lal Nanda never gave opportunity to their families to join politics while in office. Today, the condition is such that many leaders, who consider politics as a family profession, continue to unite every generation to hand it over to their families as a legacy. The heads of some parties are such, who have put their clan in politics while living.

The families of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav are vivid examples of this. The tradition of giving shelter to the family in politics has put a severe shortage of workers in front of the political parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed this anguish with a gesture after the results of the recently concluded Uttar Pradesh assembly elections were announced. While addressing the BJP MPs, he had said that he was sad that he could not get tickets to the family members of the MPs. Actually Modi wanted to tell that see the fate of family politics in UP and always stay away from it.