Here’s why Ganesh idol is immersioned

Never bid farewell to Ganesh ji, because if the obstacles are gone, who will remove your obstacles?

Most of the people are installing the idol of Ganesh ji seeing each other, and will also immerse them after 3 or 5 or 7 or 11 days of worship. But let us tell you that you should establish Ganpati at your home, but not immersion. Visarjan takes place only in Maharashtra because Ganpati had gone there as a guest and the guest has to go one day or the other.

Why is Ganpati festival celebrated?
King Kartikeya of Lal Bagh in Maharashtra called his brother Ganesh ji to his place and requested him to stay there for a few days. Mata Lakshmi and his consorts Riddhi and Siddhi stayed there for as many days as Ganesh ji stayed there. Due to their stay, Lalbagh became full of wealth, so Kartikeya ji honored Ganesh ji as the king of Lalbagh for that day. This worship came to be celebrated as Ganapati festival.

Now talking about other places of the country, Ganesh ji is the owner of our house and never sends off the owner of the house. On the other hand, if we immerse Ganpati ji, then Lakshmi ji and Riddhi-Siddhi will also go away with them, so what is left in life?

We say with great fondness- ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya next year you come early’, which means we forcefully threw Ganesh ji, Lakshmi ji etc. into water for a year. So you yourself think that how you will do Navratri Puja, how will you do Diwali Puja and do you have the right to do any auspicious work when you have sent them from your home for a year.

Therefore, establish Ganesh ji, but never do immersion.

Request – On the upcoming Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, buy a traditional idol of Ganapati ji, in which there is a replica of the original form of Ganesh ji, Riddhi-Siddhi is present.

There is no justification for making Bahubali Ganesh, taking selfie, driving scooter, driving auto, body builder, Bahubali six pack or making Ganesh ji sit in any kind of indecent form. Sanatan Dharma is being ridiculed. Don’t make your religion a laughing stock and always bring only traditional idols at home. Show understanding and establish the right Ganesha idol.

“Om Ekadantay Namo Namah”