Here’s why Lord Shiva narrated secret of the garland around his neck to Goddess Parvati

The wonderful love of Lord Shiva and Sati (Mata Parvati) is described in the scriptures. The proof of this is self-immolation by jumping into Sati’s Yagya Kund and carrying out Sati’s dead body and performing orgy of angry Shiva. However, this was also Shiva’s Leela because on this pretext Shiva wanted to establish 51 Shakti Peeths.

Shiva had already told Sati that she had to give up this body. At the same time, he had also told Sati the secret of the garland of the garlands around her neck that once on the instigation of Narad ji, Sati started insisting on Lord Shiva that what is the secret of the garland of the garlands around your neck. When Sati did not obey even after much persuasion, Lord Shiva revealed the secret. Shiva told Parvati that all the heads in this garland are all yours. Sati was astonished to hear this.

On this Sati asked Lord Shiva – how is it possible that all the mundus are mine. Then Shiva said this is your 108th birth. Before this, you have given birth after taking birth 107 times and all these shaves are a sign of those previous births. There is a shortage of one head in this garland, after which this garland will be complete.

Hearing this, Sati said to Shiva that I give birth again and again and give up my body, but why don’t you give up your body. Shiva laughed and said that I know the immortal story, so I do not have to give up my body. On this Sati also expressed her desire to know the immortal story. When Shiva started narrating the story to Sati, he fell asleep and could not hear the story. So he had to sacrifice his body by jumping into Daksha’s Yagya Kund.

Shiva also intertwined the head of Sati in a garland. Thus a garland of 108 heads was prepared. Sati took the next birth as Parvati. In this birth Parvati would attain immortality and then she did not have to give up her body.