Hindu New Year: Samvatsarambh – The day of creation of the universe by Brahma Ji

Religious deeds to be performed on the day of Samvatsarambh (Beginning of the year) (2 April 2022)

If any festival comes, we celebrate it according to the specialty and method of that festival. By understanding the spiritual science of the traditional work told in Hindu Dharma, we recognize its importance. Let us understand from this article compiled by Sanatan Sanstha about the religious work performed on the day of Samvatsarambh (Hindu New Year).

Abhyanga Snan (Manglik bath)

On the day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada, wake up early in the morning and take the first abhyanga bath. At the time of Abhyanga Snan, one has to narrate the time of the country.

After bathing, make a bandana of mango leaves and tie it on each door with red flowers; Because red color is auspicious.

Samvatsara Puja

The first routine is to worship the deity. On the day of Varsha Pratipada, we do great peace. At the beginning of peace they worship Brahmadev; Because on this day Brahmadev created the world. In worship, he is offered Dauna (leaf with pungent pungent aroma). Thereafter Homa, Havan and Brahmins perform the rituals. Then worship Vishnu, who incarnates in infinite forms. He salutes them by chanting the mantra ‘Namaste Brahmarupaya Vishnuve Namah’ and then gives dakshina to the brahmins. If possible, the scriptures like history, Puranas etc. give donations to Brahmins. ‘By doing this all sins are destroyed, peace is attained, accidents do not happen, life increases and there is prosperity through wealth and food, it has been said. .

Raise the Flag

Brahmdhwaj should be erected immediately after sunrise. In exceptional case (eg date decay) erect Brahmadhwaj by looking at the Panchang.
Make a swastika on the generation and erect the Brahmadhwaja. To erect the Brahmadhwaja, tie a red or yellow silk cloth on top of a 10 feet tall bamboo by making a chnut, along with neem twigs, garland of Batashe and red flowers, then make 5 lines of kumkum on the copper urn and tie the bamboo Keep it upside down at the top end. Tie the Brahmdhwaj decorated in this way with a string and make it stand. Stand the Brahmadhwaj outside the main gate of the house, attached to the doorway, on the right side of the ground. The flag should not be standing straight and it should be tilted forward. Draw beautiful Rangoli in front of the flag.
This Dharma flag is worshiped with determination by saying “Brahmadhvajay Namah.”
At the time of sunset, by showing the naivedya of jaggery, the religious flag is lowered.


The petitioners should give various types of donations, eg. Make a pot and donate water. The father is satisfied with this. ‘Dharmadan’ is the best charity, it has been told in the scriptures. Teaching religion in the present time is the need of the times.

Almanac Hearing

‘On this day, due to the beginning of the new year, by worshiping astrology, or from Upadhyay, we listen to the new year’s Panchang i.e. year fruit. The benefits of listening to this Panchang are described as follows.

Tithescha srikaram proktam varadayushyavardhanam.
Nakshatradhrate papam yogadrognivaranam.

Karanachintitam work panchangafalmuttamam.
Ethesham sravnanityam gangasananaphalam labhet.

तिथेश्च श्रीकरं प्रोक्तं वारादायुष्यवर्धनम् ।
नक्षत्राद्धरते पापं योगाद्रोगनिवारणम् ।।

करणाच्चिन्तितं कार्यं पञ्चाङ्गफलमुत्तमम् ।
एतेषां श्रवणान्नित्यं गङ्गास्नानफलं लभेत् ।।

Tithescha srikaram proktam varadayushyavardhanam.
Nakshatradhrate papam yogadrognivaranam.

Karanachintitam work panchangafalmuttamam.
Ethesham sravnanityam gangasananaphalam labhet.

Meaning: Lakshmi is attained by hearing of Tithi, hearing of arrows increases life, hearing of constellations destroys sins, listening to yoga cures diseases, listening to Karan makes the prescribed tasks achievable. Such is the best result of listening to this Panchang. By listening to it regularly, one gets the fruit of bathing in the Ganges.

Offering of neem leaves

Neem’s offerings are eaten on the day of the beginning of Samvatsaram, because neem has more ability to receive Prajapati waves than any other substance. Make this prasad by mixing neem flowers, soft leaves, soaked gram lentils or soaked gram, honey, cumin and some asafetida together and distribute it to everyone.

Plowing the land

Plow should be done on the land on the day of Samvatsarambh. The soil below comes up due to plowing. The ability of the earth to germinate seeds increases manifold due to the sanskar of Prajapati waves on the microscopic particles of the soil. On farming implements and bullocks, cast Prajapati along with the Akshat Mantra that generates waves. New clothes should be given to the people working in the fields. On this day, the food of the people working in the fields and the bullocks should consist of cooked kumhada, moong dal, rice, puran etc.

Soothing creations

Spend this day happily listening to different types of auspicious songs, instruments and stories of virtuous men. Presently, the concept of celebrating a festival, that is, a day to have fun, has been created; According to Hindu scriptures, the festival means ‘the day to give more consciousness. Therefore, on the day of the festival, along with doing sattvik food, sattvik dress and other religious activities etc., it has been told in the scriptures to do pleasurable acts. The blessings of the deity are obtained by wearing new or silk ornaments on the day of festival, religious ceremony or on the auspicious day of the beginning of Samvatsara. The attractant element in the cloth lasts for a long time and by wearing this cloth throughout the year, the benefit of the deity element is received throughout the year.

Prayer to be offered on the day of Samvatsaram

Oh God, today it is possible for me to receive maximum blessings coming from you and the sattvik waves coming from the universe. I do not have the capacity to receive these waves. I completely take refuge at your feet. You give me the ability to receive these sattvik waves, this is the prayer at your feet!