I had a dream of developing a cryogenic system, that could not finished; Nambi Narayanan, ISRO Scientist

After the Supreme Court ordered a CBI probe into the conspiracy behind the harassment of the former ISRO scientist, Nambi Narayanan reminded what could have happened and what he can still do.

79-year-old Nambi Narayanan is very much credited as a man who was not only brilliant, but also a man who was unexpectedly doing injustice. For 27 years of his life, the former ISRO scientist has been involved in litigation to clear his name and win back some of his honor.

The same governments that challenged the court orders and postponed it, have now been given monetary compensation.

As he told CNN News18, no one is definitely a victim, as he ordered a CBI probe against Nambri Narayanan and others to get the conspirators in the ‘espionage’ case to go to the Supreme Court. Won another legal battle with.

“I had a dream to develop a cryogenic system and make India a space power. That dream has ended for the time being and it can never be given back to me, ”he said.

“That dream has gone away. This entire case was not for compensation. SC was enough to order it and it has helped me, of course, in paying some debts, etc. I am sad because of the first part, but I would be happy if the case comes to a logical conclusion so that someone Once again dared to do so.

India’s cryogenic program, which was arrested by Nambi Narayanan, could have taken India to greater heights at the same place as our indigenous moon and Mars missions.

The cryogenic program was designed to be much cheaper than was already available and could be ahead of its time.

He said, “It’s not me, they were aiming.” They were targeting our program. If they remove me as project director, the program will derail. There are always some key persons in a project. If you remove one or two of them, the progress may be delayed, not halted. This delay can be big or small but in our case it was very big.

“ISRO’s success was because we had a unique way to develop our technology. We take shortcuts but not gambling. We employed an intelligent analytical iteration of other successes or failures. In the process, you can save a lot of money. This is not possible for everyone. This is possible only by a few. I was handling many positions in this program simply because you can often work fast. This is not a universal approach. For example, you do this for some time until it becomes operational.

Since I was holding more than one position, my removal was important. And they were successful in it. “

So can Nambri Narayanan still contribute to ISRO’s successes? He was hopeful but not very confident. But it is clear that there is still a desire to do something.

“I’m not young anymore. I used to travel a lot, my physical energy was high, but not anymore. Besides, I am not used to working slowly. That is not me. If it is not myself then it will not work. Will, ”he said.

“I can contribute to planning. According to me the entire outer space work is not planned well. I used to dream that there is NASA for America, ESA for Europe, so there can be an ASA – Asian Space Agency for Asia. “

“There are many ifs and butts. So in the area where such consultation, innovative ideas are required, I can contribute as long as my health is good.

Hopefully, the government and India’s space research organization are listening. Part of giving back her dignity to Nambi Narayanan is giving her the joy of contributing again.