In a nation wide investigation, RPF disrupts the operation of illegal software called ‘Real Mango’ used for cornering confirmed Railway reservation

New Delhi: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has foiled the operation of illegal software called ‘real mango’ which was used to make confirmed (confirmed) railway reservation.

After the resumption of railway passenger services, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) of the Indian Railways intensified operations against the brokers, in anticipation of increased brokerage activities. Operation of illegal software ‘Rare Mango’ (later renamed to ‘Real Mango’) was detected on 09.08.2020 during action initiated by the RPF field units against the brokers. RPF units of North Central Railway (NCR), Eastern Railway (ER) and Western Railway (WR) apprehend some suspects and begin to understand the process of operating rare mango / real mango software from them. In the systematic way of working of illegal software, it has been found that: –

Real Mango software bypasses the V3 and V2 captcha.

With the help of this mobile app, the bank aligns with the OTP and feeds it automatically in the required form.

It automatically fills the details of the passenger and the payment details in the software form.

The software logs onto the IRCTC website through several IRCTC IDs.

Illegal software was sold through a five-tier structure, such as system administrators and their teams, mavens, super vendors, vendors, and agents.

The system admin is receiving payment in bitcoin.

The field units of RPF have so far apprehended 50 criminals including the chief gangster (system developer) and key managers involved in the operation of this illegal software and seized tickets worth more than Rs 5 lakh. Five key operators of this illegal software have been arrested from West Bengal. The software is now completely destroyed.

Coordinated nationwide action by the RPF between December 2019 to March 2020 can be cited, in which 104 criminals were arrested and ANMS / Red Mirchi / Black TS, Tic-Toc, i-Ball, Red Bull, MAC, N-GET , Many illegal softwares like Cycle, Star-V2 etc. were thwarted. The information provided by RPF helped CRIS / IRCTC to strengthen security features in the PRS system due to which software vendors stopped working at that time.

Read in Hindi: रेलवे के सुरक्षा बल ने दलालों के खिलाफ अभियान किया तेज, सॉफ्टवेयर ‘रियल मैंगो’ को किया नाकाम