In Hindu scriptures, People who have 14 types of demerits are equal to death in this world

According to the scriptures, people who have 14 types of bad qualities on this earth are considered as dead people. In the Ravana-Angad dialogue in Lanka Kand, it is said by Angal that only those who breathe are not called alive – even an animal takes breath. Angad then told about 14 types of death. These things told by Angad to Ravana are applicable even in today’s era. If a person has even one of these 14 demerits, then he becomes like a dead person. Consider whether we do not have this bad quality….. that we should be considered as dead.

Dead person

A person who is extremely indulgent, indulges in sex, who is engrossed in the pleasures of the world, is like a dead person. Whose desires of the mind never end and the creature who lives only by being subject to his desires, he is like dead. He does not consume spirituality. Always engrossed in lust.

Left-handed person dead

The person who walks away from the whole world. One who finds negativity behind everything in the world. One who walks against the rules, traditions and folk behavior, he is called Left Margi. People who do such work are considered dead.

Miserly person dead

The most miserly person is also dead. A person who is reluctant to participate in any welfare work financially, in doing the work of religion. Avoid donating. Such a man is also dead.

Very poor dead

Poverty is the biggest curse. A person who is devoid of wealth, self-confidence, respect and courage, he is also dead. The very poor are also dead. The poor man should not be scolded, because he is already dead. Rather poor people should be helped.

Idiot is like dead

A very foolish person is also dead. One who does not have conscience, intelligence. One who cannot take the decision himself, that is, to understand everything or is dependent on someone else in taking the decision, such a person is also like a dead while living. Spirit does not consider the mouth to be spiritual.

Slander dead like

The person who has got a bad reputation in the world is also dead. The person who does not get respect in any unit of home, family, family, society, city or nation, that person is like a dead person.

Continuous patient is also dead

The person who is constantly sick is also dead. In the absence of a healthy body, the mind remains disturbed. Negativity prevails. The person gets engaged in the desire for liberation. Despite being alive, a sick person is deprived of the joy of a healthy life.

Very old man is also dead

A very old person is also dead, because he becomes dependent on other people. Both the body and the intellect become incapable. In such a situation, many times he himself and his relatives start wishing for his death, so that he can get freedom from these sufferings.

Perpetual Wrath is like dead

One who is in anger for 24 hours is like a dead person. It is the job of such people to get angry on every little thing. Because of anger, both the mind and the intellect are out of his control. A person who does not have control over his mind and intellect, he is not considered alive even though he is alive. This creature becomes angry by taking the sanskars of the past Bhava. Anger kills many living beings. And hell is on the way.

Earning of sin is also like dead

The person who takes care of himself and his family with the money earned from sinful deeds, that person is also like a dead person. The people living with him also become like him. One should always get money only by working hard and earnestly. Earnings of sin go to sin. And from the earnings of sin, one attains the low gotra Nigod.

Selfish is also dead

Such a person who lives solely for self-satisfaction and self-interest, if he has no feelings for any other creature in the world, then such a person is also dead. Those who think in food and drink, for space in vehicles, in everything that we should get all the things first, and no one else can get them, they are like dead. Such people are useless for the society and the nation. It is foolish to consider the body as one’s own and engage in it because this body is perishable. Including puran galan se. going to be destroyed.

Cynics are Dead

A person who condemns for no reason is also dead. Who sees only the shortcomings in others. The person who does not hesitate to criticize someone’s good work. Such a person who sits near anyone, then only does evil to someone, that person is like a dead person. By condemning but there is a bondage of low gotra.

Detached from God is also like dead

A person who is opposed to God is also dead. The person who thinks that there is no supreme being. Whatever we do, that’s what happens. We are running the world. One who does not believe in the supreme power, such a person is also considered dead.

Shruti Sant’s opponent is also dead

One who is opposed to saints, scriptures and Puranas is also dead. Shrut and Sant act as brakes. If the car does not have brakes, then it can fall anywhere and cause an accident, in the same way society needs brakes like a saint. Otherwise, malpractices will spread in the society.

It is said by Angad in Lanka Kand

Kaul Kambas Kripin Vimudha.
Very poor ajasi very old.
Constantly angry.
Vishnu Vimukh Shruti is anti-saint.
Delicious cynics Aghkhani.
All living beings are fourteen.

ल कामबस कृपिन विमूढ़ा।
अतिदरिद्र अजसि अतिबूढ़ा।।
सदारोगबस संतत क्रोधी।
विष्णु विमूख श्रुति संत विरोधी।।
तनुपोषक निंदक अघखानी।
जिवत सव सम चौदह प्रानी।।