India and Nepal: New bridge to connect India, Nepal to come up in Dharchula

The Cabinet has cleared a plan to build a new bridge connecting India and Nepal, Union Minister for Information Broadcasting Anurag Thakur announced on Thursday. The two countries are set to sign a memorandum of understanding regarding the bridge, which will be built over the Mahakali river and link Dharchula in Uttarakhand with Nepal’s Dharchula.

Thakur said the bridge will strengthen the relationship between the two countries. It will be completed within three years, he added.

The government said in a statement that with the signing of an MoU, the “diplomatic relation between the two countries will further improve”.

“As close neighbours, India and Nepal share unique ties of friendship and cooperation characterised by an open border and deep-rooted people-to-people contacts of kinship and culture. Both India and Nepal have been working together on different regional forums,” the government statement said.