India starts exporting drumstick powder, demand growing rapidly worldwide

New Delhi: In order to promote the export of products of Sahajan (scientific name Moringa oleifera), APEDA is supporting private entities that are making necessary facilities. As a result, on 29 December 2020, two tons of organic drumstick powder have been exported to the US via air. The event organized on this occasion was flagged off by Dr. M. Angamuthu, President, APEDA, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

M/s Mediconda Nutrients of Telangana registered as exporters under APEDA has started export work with the help of APEDA. The company has planted drumstick plants in an area of ​​240 hectares. The farm consists of a company-owned farm as well as land taken for contract farming (contracted farm). The company plans to export about 40 metric tons of powder made from drumstick leaves to the US. For this, the company has set up a drumstick processing unit at Gongalur village in Pulkal Mondal Sangareddy district of Telangana. APEDA continues to support all exporters of drumstick exports.

Processed drumming units will be set up in the coming times with the cooperation of APEDA. Through this, exports will increase in a few years, which will directly benefit the farmers.

Drumstick has been used for hundreds of years due to its healing properties and benefits to the human body. This is why the demand for drumstick products has increased globally. Under this, the demand for powdered and drumstick oil made from drumstick leaves has increased considerably. Apart from this, international organizations and institutes are also exploring the possibility of use of deriving nutritional nutrients and making fortified food. Consumers around the world use drumstick for medicines, nutrients and food.