Indian Army caught Chinese soldier in Ladakh

New Delhi: India and China continue to struggle in the border areas. In such a situation, Indian soldiers have captured a Chinese soldier from the Demchock area of ​​Ladakh, who entered the Indian border. According to Navbharat, this soldier is posted as a corporal in the People’s Liberation Army of China. Since then, the tone of China’s official horn Global Times, which has repeatedly threatened war, has softened. The Global Times has written that India can maintain the trust between the two countries by returning this lost soldier on the border soon.

The Global Times wrote a day earlier that India is very confident and is following the signals of America. China and India continue to discuss the issue of withdrawal of troops. The ongoing dialogue between the two sides regarding the withdrawal of troops seems to be moving in a positive direction. China and India have previously reached an agreement on the matter and now both sides are moving towards resolving the issue.

The Global Times said the withdrawal of troops would not lead to new conflicts in the border areas. This will indicate new progress in bilateral negotiations by settling the matter. China and India share uninhabited border with many parts of it for different reasons. It is common to get lost in these areas without indicators or proper equipment.

Chinese state media quoted Qian Feng, director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, claiming that similar incidents involving lost soldiers on both sides had occurred earlier. Common procedures after a missing soldier is found from the other side include verifying his or her identity, making the necessary investigations, and engaging the other side.

The expert told the Global Times that China and India have so far followed the correct procedure to deal with the incident. He hoped that the incident would not have any negative impact on the ongoing dialogue between the two sides. The two sides are working together to resolve the incident and repatriate the missing soldiers. However, tensions still persist in the two countries due to the border dispute. (With agency input)

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