Indian Army increased hospital facilities in Delhi Cantonment to fight rising corona cases

New Delhi: While retaining its specialty of selfless service to the nation, the Indian Army has established several Kovid facilities at war level to provide comprehensive medical facilities to ex-servicemen and their dependents (families) at various locations. One such facility base. The hospital has been set up in Delhi Cantonment where the entire hospital has been converted into a Kovid Hospital where extensive arrangements have been made for the urgent critical care of all the visiting patients.

At the start of the current Kovid wave, there were 340 Kovid beds in the base Chikisalaya with only 250 beds of oxygen. The sudden increase in the number of Kovid cases had put a lot of pressure on the facility to make additional capacity. All beds capacity was full Despite this, a large number of patients are being treated at the trauma centers on the condition that such patients will give their consent to wait for beds. A plan immediately to increase this capacity to 650 beds by 30 April 2021. Of these, 450 beds will be oxygenated. The capacity of ICU will be increased from 12 beds to 35 beds by 29 April 2021. In the next phase of capacity expansion, by the second week of June 2021, the current capacity will be increased to 900 oxygen-rich beds.

A new COVID (OPD) is working 24 hours a day under a specialist medical team for effective patient management where continuous screening of infected patients for home isolation, screening, treatment counseling, etc. at the same location. It is being done. This team examines 500 patients on an average on a daily basis and gives them proper medical advice. All such efforts are being made to ensure that all serious patients get adequate and appropriate treatment.

In another initiative, a phone consultation and information management center is being run day-round (24 hours seven days) under a senior officer, through which information is being given about patients admitted in addition to medical advice with all seriousness. 1200-1300 is taking telephone calls which shows the popularity of this center. The services offered by this cell include the following:

Telephone consultation which includes specialist medical consultation.
Latest information about patients admitted to close relatives.
Guidelines regarding availability / recruitment of beds.
Covid Investigation Report.
Co-ordination of requests from patients / close relatives.
Information about Kovid vaccination.
To avail this facility, citizens can contact on the following telephone numbers: 011 -25683580, 011- 25683585 011- 25683581, 37176 (via Army Line)

The Indian Army will leave no stone unturned to augment medical facilities to meet the increased requirements due to the unprecedented increase in daily affairs. All medical facilities are being used to the best of our ability in times of crisis. In such a situation, all ex-servicemen are requested to cooperate fully on their behalf and encourage all the personnel of the Army Medical Service who are discharging their duties with full devotion and responsibility.