Indian Army’s access to start-ups in emerging technology, the incentive in self-reliant India

New Delhi: To help self-reliant India and promote an innovative ecosystem, the Indian Army in collaboration with the Indian Defense Manufacturers’ Committee (SIDM) organized an access webinar for start-ups in emerging technologies. In this webinar format, from 17 to 28 December 2020, 89 start-ups made the Indian Army aware of their indigenously developed innovations, ideas, and proposals through virtual presentations.

These proposals focus on the fields of drones, counter drones, robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, blockchain technology, 3D printing, nanotechnology, and medical applications.

The webinar organized by the Army Design Bureau (ADB) received a wide-ranging response. 13 proposals have been shortlisted for further testing based on their feasibility and suitability for the Indian Army. Prospective users of Army Headquarters and Army Training Command and experts in the field participated in the event.

On this occasion, the Deputy Chief of the Indian Army, Lieutenant General SS Hasbnis, emphasized the importance of self-reliance in the defense sector and called for the defense industry, particularly start-ups, to invest in emerging and high technologies. He also assured the startups that the Indian Army would assist and assist them in co-developing innovations and technologies, which could enhance the operational capabilities of the Army.