iPhone users can unlock with Face ID while wearing a mask using OS 14.5 Apple Watch

To get the new iPhone unlocking experience you will need to have watchOS 7.4 on your Apple Watch. Apple has previously tried to solve the problem of unlocking the iPhone while wearing a face mask.

The iOS 14.5 developer beta debuted with the Apple Watch unlocking feature. Users need to manually enable the new feature on their iPhones. iOS 14.5 developer beta also brings app tracking transparency measures

Apple is making it easy for users to unlock their iPhone handsets through Face ID by wearing a mask. The change debuted through the iOS 14.5 developer beta. However, this feature requires an Apple Watch that can quickly unlock a connected iPhone even when the user is wearing a mask. This is in contrast to the current scenario in which users must either turn off their face masks or enter a passcode to unlock a new iPhone model that supports facial recognition.

iOS 14.5 developer beta, users need to manually enable the Apple Watch unlocking feature on their iPhone by going to Settings> Face ID and Passcode. A toggle called Apple Watch is available, which can be flipped to enable unlocking via the Apple Watch.

Once you enable the feature, you will be able to unlock your iPhone via iPhone just by looking at your screen while wearing the Apple Watch. A haptic feedback notification will appear on your Apple Watch to inform you about unlocking. You will also get the option to lock your iPhone called Lock iPhone directly from the same information.

New Face ID tech can be given in iPhone 13 series with small face notch

It all works in the same way that Apple currently allows Mac users to unlock their computers while wearing the Apple Watch. The new change will now make things easier for iPhone users.