It is time for festival celebration, don’t be careless: Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the country, has appealed not to be negligent about the corona infection in the current festive season. He said that the situation has definitely improved in the country due to the corona epidemic, but let us not forget that the lockdown may have gone but the virus has not.

Highlights of Prime Minister’s address
PM Modi said that all of us Indians have come a long way in the fight against Corona. With the passage of time, economic movements have started picking up, most of us are venturing out to speed up life, the festivities are slowly returning to the markets during festivals. Let us not forget that the lockdown is gone even if the virus is not gone.

He said that we should not let the situation in which India is deteriorating, improve it. The recovery rate in India is good, the fatality rate is low. The death rate in India is 83 per one million people, while in advanced countries like America, Spain, this figure is over 600. India has been successful in saving the lives of more and more of its citizens. 90 thousand beds are available in the country for Corona patients, 2 thousand labs are working. The number of Tests will soon cross the 100 million mark.

PM Modi said that following the mantra of Seva Parmo Dharma, our doctors, nurses, health workers are serving people selflessly. This is not the time to be reckless, not to assume that Corona is gone, recently we have seen a lot of videos which show that people have either stopped taking precautions or are lax. . If you are doing this, then you are putting your family, elders, children in the same great crisis. Matters have started to increase suddenly and are increasing alarmingly.

He recited the couplet of Saint Kabir saying, “Seeing the paddy cultivation, the farmer is proud, ajhun jhola is a lot, the house is there, then the life ..” That is, one should not be negligent until success is achieved. Until the pandemic vaccine arrives, we do not have to let the battle weaken a bit.

PM Modi said that work is being done on vaccine all over the world, our country is engaged in vaccination for life. Whenever the corona vaccine arrives, preparations are being made for how to reach every citizen as soon as possible, and work is progressing rapidly.

He said that there are many instructive things in the Ramcharit Manas, so there are warnings – “Ripu ruz pawak sin lord ahi ganiya na chhotti karo”. This means that enemies, diseases, fire, sins, masters and snakes should not be considered small. . Till full treatment, they should not be taken lightly, unless there is medicine, then there is no laxity, festival time is a time of happiness but a little carelessness can be overwhelming.

The Prime Minister said that the matter will be made only when we walk cautiously. Take care of applying mask for two yards. I want to see you, your family healthy, so I urge the countrymen again and again. I urge the media and social media colleagues that the more public awareness campaigns will be, the greater the service to the country.

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