Jyothika calls Surya a wonderful father

Jyothika is a working mother who juggles her career and home with ease. A loving mother and a successful actress, the star has now revealed how her husband Surya is as a father. In an exclusive interview with Zoom as a part of the ‘Letters to My Dad’ series, Jyothika called Surya a ‘100 out of 100 father’.

Surya and Jyothika have two children – a daughter (Diya; born 2007) and a son (Dev; born 2010). The actor duo are doting parents to teenagers and often celebrate holidays as a close-knit family. Speaking to Zoom as part of the Father’s Day Special series, Jyothika spoke about Surya who always makes time for his kids.

Surya makes time for kids: Jyothika
When asked how Surya is as a father, Jyothika was all praise for her husband. She says, “He is a hundred out of a hundred. He is amazing. He makes time.”

She added that giving time is the most important thing and added, “The biggest thing men need to know these days is that they don’t need anything more than time. Women like to stay at home and take care of the house, which I think is a bigger job than going out and earning, because I have done both. I think men should give time and Surya gives time to the kids.” Jyothika on Surya’s involvement in the kids’ lives Talking about family time, Jyothika says that Surya and she never skip holidays. When the kids have holidays, they make a list of dates and don’t do any work during that time. Surya never skips these holidays. She adds, “All their school emails come on his phone. When I am on shoot, he also gives the menu… like… what to cook. So, he is a good father.” We both play similar roles: Jyothika
Talking about her home and her roles, the Shaitan actress says, “There is no difference between mom and dad. I am both to him and he is both to her. Mom is always the strict police officer, but since our kids are teenagers now, we are both strict police officers.”