Karnataka Elections 2023: BJP projected to lead in 3 out of 6 constituencies

The latest opinion poll conducted by Asianet News Network and conducted by Jan Ki Baat has suggested that the Bharatiya Janata Party may improve its performance in the Vokkaliga-dominated area of the old Mysuru region by a small margin.

Moreover, the latest survey also says that Coastal Karnataka and Kittur Karnataka (Mumbai Karnataka) will stand firmly with the BJP. Congress may have a close fight with the BJP in Bengaluru, Central Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka regions.

The latest opinion poll shows that the saffron party is projected to get around 14 seats in the JDS bastion of old Mysore. A closer analysis reveals that a shrinking JDS is helping both the Congress and the BJP gain in the region.

Congress is expected to get 26 seats in the state. In the last survey, JDS was predicted to win 22 seats, but in the latest survey, the number has been reduced to 19. It is interesting to note that in the old Mysuru region, Congress is doing better than JDS.

The BJP is expected to retain the leadership as it is doing well in Kittur Karnataka (Mumbai Karnataka) and Coastal Karnataka. The fight in the Bangalore region will be between the Congress and the BJP. It is estimated that JDS will not get much benefit here.

The survey suggests that gains in Coastal Karnataka and Kittur Karnataka regions will give the BJP a boost in its journey to retain power. The BJP is expected to win 31 of the 50 seats in the Kittur Karnataka region. The survey predicts that the BJP will win 15 of the 19 seats in Coastal Karnataka.

Out of six regions of Karnataka, BJP is getting more seats in four regions and Congress in two regions.