Here’s how Rakesh Tikait becomes the leader of the farmer’s movement

Know is who is Rakesh Tikait and how he becomes the leader of the farmer’s movement.

New Delhi: The farmers’ movement is now at a crossroads. There are only two routes from here – either the farmers go to their home or else they stay frozen on the border as before. After the violent incident of 26 January, some farmer organizations have distanced themselves from this movement. But the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait is not ready to put an end to the movement and is still with his supporters on the Ghazipur border of Delhi-UP. Whenever there is a farmers’ movement, Rakesh Tikait’s name definitely comes up. Do you know about this Rakesh Tikait?

Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, was once a sub-inspector in the Delhi Police. But today he owns property worth crores of rupees. The politics of farmers has been inherited by Rakesh Tikait. His late father Mahendra Singh Tikait was the president of the Indian Farmers Union. After his departure, Rakesh Tikait has handled his legacy. Rakesh Tikait contested as an independent from Khatauli assembly seat in Muzaffarnagar in 2007, in which he lost. In 2014, he again contested the Lok Sabha election on the Rashtriya Lok Dal ticket from the Amroha district, but there he had to face defeat.

Who is Rakesh Tikait?
Rakesh Tikait was born on 4 June 1969 in village Sisauli in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh. Rakesh Tikait received his MA from Meerut University Completed his studies After doing his MA, he did LLB and became a lawyer. In 1992, Rakesh Tikait was posted in Delhi as Sub-Inspector.

Why did you leave the job?
In 1993–1994, there was a peasant movement under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Tikait in Delhi. To end this, the government pressurized Rakesh Tikait to convince his father to end the movement. Under this pressure, Rakesh Tikait quit his Delhi Police job and joined the farmer’s movement.

How much is his property?
According to the affidavit given by Rakesh Tikait in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, his property was worth 4 crores, 25 lakhs, 18 thousand, 38 rupees.