Know Lalit Modi’s son Ruchir Modi, who inherited a business of Rs 4,555 crore overnight

New Delhi: Lalit Modi, who is the founder of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and a prominent league businessman recently talked about how he wants to pass on his business and empire to his son Ruchir Modi. ), who lives a luxurious lifestyle like his father.

Prior to this, Lalit Modi was in control of the KK Modi Group, a business owned by his family. Recently, he said that he plans to retire from the business entirely and hand it over to his 28-year-old son Ruchir Modi.

After being involved in a family feud with his sister Charu and mother Bina Modi, Lalit Modi took to social media and said, “In the light of what I am going through, (SIC) has decided to retire and move on.” It’s time to And groom my children. I am handling all of them.”

Ruchir Modi has now inherited his father’s prestigious business, making him the new head of the KK Modi Group, which is estimated to be worth over Rs 4555 crore in 2022.

Ruchir Modi is the son of Lalit Modi and a cricket enthusiast like his father. Ruchir Modi is currently 28 years old and is all set to take after his father and head his segment of the KK Modi Group, which is worth over Rs 4555 crore.

Ruchir Modi is a director of cigarette maker Godfrey Phillips India Limited and holds key positions in family-owned enterprises such as the KK Modi Group and Modi Enterprises. He is also the founder of Modi Ventures and has led projects such as Twenty Four Seven Convenience Stores and Colorbar Cosmetics.

Ruchir Modi is driving a new digital transformation at Modi Enterprises, which is currently valued at over Rs 12,000 crore. He has been involved in cricket transformation from a young age, just like his father, and led the Rajasthan Cricket Association’s Alwar unit from 2016 to 2020.

Ruchir Modi takes after his father when it comes to his lavish lifestyle, and is often seen on cruises and beaches from trips he takes around the world. He also has a luxurious car collection and owns a McLaren 720 which costs around Rs 4-5 crore in India.

(with agency inputs)