Know when ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ was written?

Everyone worships Pawanputra Hanuman ji and also recite Hanuman Chalisa, but very few people will know when it was written, where and how it originated. The matter is of 1600 AD, this period was during the time of Akbar and Tulsidas ji.

Once Tulsidas ji was going to Mathura, before nightfall he made his halt in Agra, people came to know that Tulsidas ji had arrived in Agra. Hearing this, people thronged to see him. When Emperor Akbar came to know about this, he asked Birbal who this Tulsidas was.

Then Birbal told, he has translated Ramcharit Manas, this is Rambhakt Tulsidas ji, I have also come after seeing him. Akbar also expressed his desire to see him and said that I also want to see him.

Emperor Akbar sent a detachment of his soldiers to Tulsidas ji and conveyed the message of the emperor to Tulsidas ji that you should attend the Red Fort. Hearing this message, Tulsidas ji said that I am a devotee of Lord Shri Ram, what should I have to do with the emperor and the Red Fort and clearly refused to go to the Red Fort.

When this matter reached Emperor Akbar, he felt very bad and Emperor Akbar became very angry, and he ordered Tulsidas ji to bring the Red Fort by chaining him with chains. When Tulsidas ji reached the Red Fort tied with chains, Akbar said that you seem like a charismatic person, show some charisma. Tulsi Das said that I am only a devotee of Lord Shri Ram, I am not a magician who can show you any charisma. Akbar got furious on hearing this and ordered that they should be chained and put in the dungeon.

On the second day, lakhs of monkeys attacked the Red Fort of this Agra simultaneously, destroyed the entire fort. There was chaos in the Red Fort, then Akbar called Birbal and asked what is happening Birbal, then Birbal said, Huzur, you wanted to see the charisma, then see. Akbar immediately got Tulsidas ji out of the cell yesterday. And the chains were opened. Tulsidas ji said to Birbal that I have been punished without a crime.

I remembered Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman ji in the dungeon, I was crying. And while crying, my hands were writing something on their own. These 40 chaupai are written with the inspiration of Hanuman ji. Tulsidas ji said after being released from the prison, as Hanuman ji has helped me by getting me out of the troubles of the prison, in the same way whoever is in trouble or in trouble and recites this, his sufferings and all the troubles will go away. It will be known as Hanuman Chalisa.

Akbar was very ashamed and apologized to Tulsidas ji and sent him with full respect and full protection, Lav-Lashkar to Mathura.

Today everyone is reciting Hanuman Chalisa. And the grace of Hanuman ji is being on all of them. And everyone’s troubles are going away. That is why Hanuman ji is also called “Sankat Mochan”.