Know why Hanuman ji is not worshiped in Dronagiri village in Uttarakhand

There is a place in India where Hanuman ji is not worshipped. This place is Dronagiri village located in Uttarakhand. The people here believe that the mountain which Hanuman ji had taken away for Sanjivani Booti was located here. Since the people of Dronagiri used to worship that mountain, they got angry when Hanumanji lifted the mountain. This is the reason why even today Hanuman ji is not worshiped here.

According to the villagers, according to the residents of Dronagiri village, when Hanuman reached this village to collect herbs, he saw an old woman. On his asking, the old woman pointed towards Dronagiri mountain. It is said that the old woman who helped Hanuman was socially boycotted.

There is a mountain of sanjeevani booti in Srilanka

According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, Hanuman ji had brought the mountain back to its place, while according to Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas, Hanuman ji had not brought back the mountain, he had left that mountain in Lanka itself. There is a mountain named Shripad in the remote area of Sri Lanka.

It is believed that this is the same mountain, which was taken by Hanumanji to Lanka for Sanjivani Booti. This mountain is also called Adams Peak. This mountain is situated at an altitude of about 2200 meters. Sri Lankans call it Rahumashala Kanda. A temple is also built on this mountain.