Mamta Banerjee Challenges Amit Shah, First Face Abhishek Banerjee Says ‘Then Think About Me’

Hours after Amit Shah called ‘Bhayo’ (Abhishek Banerjee) as ‘misleading’ (corrupt), Mamata Banerjee came back and asked him where did your son (Jai Shah) get this much money, first you answer it.

Addressing a booth workers’ meeting at Palan in South 24-Parganas, Mamta said, “BJP’s’ leaders’ (pointing to Amit Shah) had come to Sagar Island. He accused them of doing nothing for the development of Ganga Sagar. Every day he is challenging me. I would like to challenge Amit Shah, first you contest against Abhishek Banerjee, then think about contesting against me. I want to challenge my son (Jai Shah) to bring him to the fore and let’s have a democratic contest.”

“He is accusing Abhishek Banerjee of indulging in corruption. They called him ‘Bhastrikachari’ (corrupt). I would like to ask them to prove their allegations. If he is corrupt, what about his son (Jai Shah). Where did he get that much money? What quality do they have to hold the top position in the cricket board? I would like to tell him that he can abuse me but he cannot ignore me. If he is accusing us of corruption, then his son should not be spared.

“The Union Home Minister is threatening us. Look at his body language and he is expecting courtesy from us. His speech begins with negative comments on Bengal and ends with negative comments.

Referring to the Unnao case, he said, “Amit Shah alleged that the law and order situation in Bengal was worse. I want to ask him what he will say about Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. Why is he not saying a word about the state of law and order in these states? We all know what happened to Unnao but unfortunately there is no word from Home Minister Amit Shah… is it a shame? “

In Unnao, three girls were found unconscious, while two of them were declared dead at the district hospital, while the third was in critical condition in Baburaha village.

On the charge of dynastic politics, Mamta said, “Amit Shah is a group of spreading lies and misinformation. I would like to say to my women supporters that when they give wrong information next time, they turn their ears. He is targeting Abhishek Banerjee. Today I would like to explain why I brought Abhishek Banerjee into politics. When I was severely hit on the head (on August 16, 1990 at Hajra Crossing in Kolkata), Abhishek Banerjee used to ask me why I had a bandage around my forehead. My mother told him that CPI (M) workers beat me up. Then, Abhishek was young and one day he took the Congress flag (then Mamta was in Congress) and started shouting slogans for my justice. Since then I have decided to bring him into politics. I could have easily made him a Rajya Sabha MP, but he told me that he wanted to be elected by the people. “

Accusing the BJP of indulging in divisive politics, Mamta said, “There are people who are coming from other states and causing problems.” They do not even know the culture of Bengal. They are separating married couples, they are separating people from one community from another. They are creating a rift between Hindus and Muslims. They are dangerous for India. “

Claiming that this time TMC would break the record in terms of winning seats in the upcoming assembly elections, he said, “BJP (Saif) (finish) in Punjab. Soon, Saif will be in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Tripura and in Bengal this time they will feel the heat of “Bap Re Bap”.