Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the monthly Mann Ki Baat program on Sunday. During his address, the PM underlined the importance of water conservation and said that self-reliant India has become a national sentiment.

Here’s a look at the key points from his address.

Self-reliant India is not the only government effort. This is the national spirit of India.

We must understand our responsibility towards water conservation. In a few days, the Jal Shakti Ministry will launch a campaign ‘Catch the Rain’. Its slogan is ‘Catch the Rain, where it falls, when it falls’.

According to the latest census, a total of 112 species of birds were seen in Kaziranga National Park. The reason for this is water conservation and less human intervention.

The contribution of science is very large in self-sufficient India. We need to take science forward with the mantra of ‘take lab to land’.

Today is National Science Day. This scientist Dr. CV is dedicated to the discovery of the Raman effect by Raman. Our youth should read a lot about Indian scientists and understand the history of Indian science.

Commendable work done by the temples of Assam in the direction of environmental protection.

In the run up to #MannKiBaat, I was asked if I had missed anything during these years as CM and PM. I think – it is such a regret that I could not learn Tamil, the oldest language in the world. Tamil literature is beautiful.

I have updated the book #ExamWarriors. New spells have been added and there are also interesting activities.

On 15 February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited the people of the country to share their inspiring stories in the fields of art, culture, and tourism.

According to a World Bank report, after the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, the education budget was cut by 65 percent by low and low-middle income countries, while in high and middle-middle income countries, only 33 percent did so. did.

“Through inspiring examples, January’s #MannKiBaat highlighted diverse topics ranging from arts, culture, tourism and agricultural innovation. Would love to hear such inspiring anecdotes for the program in February, on 28th. ” A link to those who invite ideas for the next ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

Prime Minister Modi also shared a toll-free number for people to record their message in Hindi or English.

In a final Mann Ki Baat in January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the countrymen to write stories of freedom fighters and their struggles to mark the country’s 75th Independence Day this year.