Margashirsha Purnima 2021: know the important dates, rituals and it’s significance

Margashirsha month has great importance in Hinduism. Every day of this month has religious significance. The new moon and full moon of Margashirsha month are special. This year Margashirsha Amavasya is on 04 December and after about 15 days there will be Margashirsha Purnima.

On the day of Margashirsha Purnima, the story of Lord Satyanarayan is heard, Mata Lakshmi is worshipped and the Moon is also worshipped. It is Margashirsha month, so worshiping Lord Krishna on this full moon also has special benefits.

According to the Panchang, the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month will start from 07:24 am on Saturday, December 18. Purnima Tithi is valid till 10.05 am on the next day, December 19, Sunday. In such a situation, Margashirsha Purnima 2021 is on 19th December.

According to the Puranas, this month is called ‘Masonam Margashirshoham’, as it is the most auspicious month.

According to experts, Lord Dattatreya had incarnated on earth during the Pradosh period on the day of Margashirsha Purnima and later this day is celebrated as his birth anniversary.

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Margashirsha month is considered auspicious in the traditional Hindu calendar. According to Hindu religious scriptures, this month is also known as ‘Magasir’, ‘Agahan’ or ‘Agrahayan’. On this auspicious day, it is believed that a young girl can get her desired life partner by taking a holy dip in the Yamuna River. On Margashirsha Purnima, Lord Vishnu is worshiped as ‘Narayan’. It is believed that fasting on this day fulfills all the wishes.

On this day devotees observe a day’s fast from sunrise to moonrise and worship both Sun and Moon gods by offering Arghya (water). It is believed that on this day the moon received nectar.

According to legends, on Margashirsha Purnima, during the Pradosh period, Lord Dattatreya descended on the earth. Since then this day is celebrated as his birth anniversary.

On this day, devotees wake up very early and take ceremonial bath, conduct Satyanarayan Puja on Purnima Tithi, and worship the Narayan form of Lord Vishnu to remove all obstacles and achieve success in life. Moreover, it is believed that young girls who take a holy dip in the Yamuna River on Margashirsha Purnima, get their desired life partner.

This full moon date is also known as Battisi Purnima. Donating and donating on this day gives 32 times more benefits than any other day, hence the name ‘Battisi Purnima’.