Matka: Why is water from an earthen pot healthy?

For centuries we have been advised that drinking water kept in an earthen vessel is good for the entire body. It is a tradition that has been followed in various cultures around the world. Unlike modern conveniences, this age-old practice offers a host of benefits that make it worth considering. The unique properties of clay/clay pots, combined with their natural cooling effect, make them an excellent choice for storing and consuming water. Now, there are many reasons why many people still prefer to drink water from earthen pots.


One of them is that these vessels have a remarkable ability to cool water naturally. As water seeps through the porous walls of an earthen pot, it undergoes a process of evaporative cooling. It not only quenches thirst effectively but also helps in maintaining moderate body temperature, making it ideal for consumption during hot weather. Additionally, the porous nature of the clay acts as a primary filtration system, removing impurities and providing a more natural flavor.

Not only that, but one of the most attractive reasons to choose clay pot water is its ability to increase nutrient absorption. Micro minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron present in the soil, micro-enrich the water in the pot. Regular consumption of such mineral-rich water can contribute to improving overall health and mineral balance within the body. These utensils also have the remarkable ability to make the water stored within them slightly alkaline. Alkaline water is believed to neutralize excess acidity in the body, potentially preventing many health problems.

Choosing to drink water from earthen pots also has environmental benefits. Unlike plastic containers, clay pots are biodegradable and do not release harmful chemicals into the water.

Cleaning Matka

Although drinking water from an earthen pitcher is considered very healthy, but in some cases when the pitcher becomes old, the water in the pitcher does not remain cold. This may be because the vessel has become old and some fungus and dirt has formed in it, due to which the water in the old vessel does not cool down. In most cases, people throw away such matkas and buy new ones. But, we should not do that because it is very easy to clean the old one by using some simple tricks and tips.

Use Wet Cloth to Wrape up

If the water in the Matka is not cold then dip a cotton cloth in the water and do not squeeze it too much. It should be wet. Use this cloth to wrap around the vessel throughout the day. Now after an hour or two you will realize that the water in it has started cooling down.

Wash Matka on time

To keep the water in the pot cool, it is very important to wash it. Many times soil and grease accumulate on the surface of the vessel. In such a situation, apply baking soda on the scrub and clean it with light hands. In this way the pores will open and the water will start cooling.

Last but not least, make sure that whenever you buy an earthen pot or pot, it is not broken anywhere. At the same time, when you place your fingers on the vessel, there will be a loud sound. The louder the sound that comes from the vessel, the louder it is.