Mock Drill for covid vaccinations; Collector inspected

Kanker: Mockdrill was done today at three locations of the district, ANM Training Center Kanker, Primary Health Center, Bagodar and Community Health Center, Amora for Covid Vacancy, for which 25-25 health workers were selected, one-day prior notice was given. Collector of Chanddri Kumar, Mockdrill of ANM Training Center Kanker for Corona Vaccination, inspected and obtained information regarding vaccination and gave necessary guidelines to medical officers. During this, Civil Surgeon Dr. R.C. Medical staff including Thakur, Senior Doctor Dr. Devendra Nag, DPM Dr. Nisha Maurya, SMO of World Health Organization, Dr. Arpana Makve were present.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the entry and exit doors in the vaccination centers for the Covin vaccine mock drill, three separate chambers were built, which include waiting rooms, vaccination, and monitoring rooms. Only one person could enter the vaccination room at one time and after the vaccination, the person concerned was kept in observation for half an hour. In case of an adverse situation, he could be sent to the nearest AEFI center. Five members were placed on the vaccination team. It is noteworthy that in the first phase, 9161 health workers will be vaccinated in the district.