Mohan Bhagwat’s ‘destructive forces’ ‘attack cultural Marxists’ at RSS event in Nagpur

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday described “cultural Marxism” as “selfish, discriminatory and deceitful” forces that are seeking “communal interests” by “taking control of the media and academia” and misleading the country. , anarchy and corruption”. ,

Speaking at the RSS’s annual Vijay Dashami event, Bhagwat said these “destructive forces” call themselves “awakened” and claim to be working for some “higher goals”. He said that his real goal is to disrupt restraint in the world.

“The objective of India’s rise has always been the welfare of the world. But, selfish, discriminatory and deceitful forces in pursuit of their communal interests are also making their efforts to disrupt social unity and promote conflict. They wear different cloaks. Some of these destructive forces call themselves cultural Marxists or “woke”,” the RSS chief said.

He said, “They claim to work for some lofty goals but their real aim is to disrupt all order and morality, philanthropy, culture, dignity and restraint in the world.”

The RSS chief claimed that cultural Marxists reward, promote, spread anarchy and indiscretion.

“Their methods include taking control of the media and academia and plunging education, culture, politics and social environment into confusion, anarchy and corruption,” he said.