More than 4400 Covid coaches produced by Railways, 70,000 isolation beds available

New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways is supporting and taking steps as much and promptly as possible in India’s struggle with the Covid epidemic. This has included providing Covid care coaches from one place to another on the states’ demand and facilitating the delivery of human resources and goods from one place to another. Indian Railways has so far converted 4400 coaches into isolation coaches with around 70,000 isolation beds.

According to the latest update, on the demand of the Assam State Government, the Railways (North Frontier Railway) delivered 21 isolation coaches at Guwahati and 20 at Badarpur near Silchar in Assam. Earlier this week, deployment coaches were also posted in Sabarmati, Chandlodia, and Dimapur.

So far, a total of 298 isolation coaches have been made available to various states based on their demand, with a total bed capacity of over 4700. Recently, on the demand of the Gujarat State Government, the Railways provided 10 covid care coaches in Sabarmati and 6 in Chandlodia. Railways have deployed 10 isolation coaches at Dimapur on the demand of the Nagaland State Government. Apart from this, the services of 5 isolation coaches provided in Jabalpur have also been started, which have a total bed capacity of 70. As per the terms and conditions agreements with Palghar district administration, services of 21 Covid care coaches have also started in Palghar. Two sets of oxygen cylinders have also been provided for emergency use to help the State Health Department.

The latest status of Covid care coaches deployed in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is as follows:

During the last two days, 10 new patients were admitted to Nandurbar in Maharashtra while 10 of the previously admitted patients were discharged. Presently, 26 patients are availing of the benefit of this Covid care facility. A total of 114 patients have been admitted here, of which 88 patients have been discharged by the state health authorities. Railways have also deployed 11 Covid care coaches at Ajni, Inland Container Depot, out of which 1 coach is reserved for medical personnel and medical supplies. This facility center has been handed over to Nagpur Municipal Corporation. So far 9 patients have been admitted here and 6 have been discharged.

In order of the demand of Madhya Pradesh State Government, the Ratlam Division of Western Railway has provided 22 covid care coaches in Tehi near Indore with a total capacity of 320 beds. So far 19 patients have been admitted and one patient has been discharged. 20 Covid care coaches have been provided in Bhopal. According to the latest data, 28 infected people have been admitted so far and 10 patients have been discharged after treatment. There are 18 patients admitted here at this time. A total of 302 patients can be placed in isolation at this center.

The Indian Railways in Delhi met the state government’s demand for 75 Covid care coaches with a total capacity of 1200 beds. Of these, 50 coaches have been deployed at Shakurbasti while 25 coaches have been deployed at Anand Vihar railway station. A total of 5 patients have been admitted to the Delhi Covid Care Rail Coaches so far and all of them have been discharged. All 1200 beds are currently available in these care coaches in Delhi.

A total of 177 people were recruited out of which 117 were discharged according to the latest data in the Covid care train coaches provided so far in the above-mentioned states. Presently, 60 patients are availing of this facility. About 4700 beds are available for use in most rail isolation centers, including the recently provided Covid care coaches provided by the North Frontier Railway in Assam at Guwahati and Badarpur in Assam.

Despite the demand for Covid care coaches from the Uttar Pradesh state government till now, the Railways have already made 10 to 10 coaches available at each location in Faizabad, Bhadohi, Varanasi, Bareilly and Najibabad. The total capacity of these 50 Covid care coaches is 800 beds.