More than 79 lakh vaccines available with states / union territories

New Delhi: Government of India is in the leading role in the fight against Covid 19 epidemic. Vaccination is an integral component of the Government of India’s five-point strategy (including test, track, treat and covid appropriate behavior) in fighting the epidemic. Implementation of the generous and accelerated Phase III strategy of Covid 19 vaccination will be implemented from today (1 May 2021). Registration for the new eligible population groups has started from April 28. Potential beneficiaries can register either directly through the Kovin portal or through the Arogya Setu App.

The Government of India has so far provided about 16.37 crore (16,37,62,300) vaccines free of cost to the States / Union Territories. Of these, the total consumption including loss is 15,58,48,782 vaccines (according to the available data till 8 am today). States / UTs still have more than 79 lakh (79,13,518) vaccines available for Covid.

Additionally, over the next three days, the states / UTs will receive more than 17 lakh (17,31,110) vaccines.

As recommended in the generous and speedy Phase III strategy of Covid-19 vaccination, all the states and union territories have been informed by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare about the total number of vaccines that they are 45 years and above. For vaccination of the beneficiaries of the age, they will receive absolutely free vaccines as part of the ‘Government of India Channel’.

The following table shows the doses of vaccines that will be made available to all states and union territories free of charge through the ‘Government of India Channel’.