Mucormycosis: More than 100 black founders come out, many patients’ eyesight

New Delhi: After retaining Corona virus in Gujarat, more than 100 cases of black fashion infection (mucormycosis) or mucocosis. People are lost due to this fungus. This claim doctors and officials did on Saturday.

Given the dangerous growth in cases of mucososis, the State Government announced that in a core committee meeting under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Saturday, all government civil hospitals, especially Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Jamnagar, Where high events of infection have been seen, such patients will install different wards.

The government said that the matters of more than 100 black fashion infections, which are also called black funds, have been seen in the state government hospitals and Gujarat Medical Education Society (GMERS) hospitals. At present, there are about 40 patients in Judas Hospital in Ahmedabad, while Vadodara’s SSG Hospital is undergoing treatment of 35 patients. In the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, 19 patients have been treating in two wards, each of which has 60 beds, which have been created for the treatment of black fog patients.

Earlier, on April 22, at a press conference organized by the Task Force of the State of Medical Expert in Gandhinagar, Dr. VN Shah, Director of Ahmedabad, said that within two days the hospital saw almost 10 patients altogether. In the private hospital, the dangerous number of black founder cases are being seen.

However, the infection has not been classified as infectious disease, the State Health Department does not have any public record of this disease, unless the hospitals are notified individually.

On Saturday, the State Government announced that it has ordered 5,000 injection of antifungal medicine, Amphoterisin-B at a cost of 3.12 crore used in the treatment of fungal infection.

According to the State Health Department, the symptoms depend on where the funds are growing in the body. If it attacks the sinus and brain area, then the symptoms may include swelling of a sided face, headache, nose or sinus, fever and black wounds above the nose, which can be quickly more serious. . This can also cause pain in the eyes and ultimately the loss of eyes can also be done if it is not immediately treated.

What is Muorkamycosis
Maharashtra Medical Director Dr. Tatyawa Lahan says, “Muorkamycosis is a kind of fungal infection, which is being found after the correction of Corona patients in the second wave of Corona. In this disease, there is an infection in the eye or jaw, so that the patient can know. Their eyes are removed to save patients. “