Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train has achieved a big achievement

National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) makes significant progress on Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project; He announced completion of 100 km bridge and 230 km ghat work.

According to the report, the NHSRCL statement issued on Thursday said that the deployment of 40 meter long ‘full span box girders’ and ‘segmental girders’ was necessary to complete the construction of the 100 km long viaducts.

The six rivers in Gujarat that are crossed by viaducts are Purna, Mindhola, Ambika, Vengania and Par in Navsari district and Aurangabad and Par in Valsad district.

“The first girder of the project was launched on November 25, 2021, while the first kilometer of the viaduct was ready in six months on June 30, 2022. It achieved construction of the 50 kilometer viaduct on April 22, 2023 and, subsequently The 100 km viaduct was completed in six months,” NHSRCL said. “Full Span Launching Technology (FSLM), where 40 meter long box girders are being launched by state-of-the-art equipment. The span-by- Used with span launching.

FSLM is 10 times faster than the span-by-span method, which is typically used to build metro viaducts.”

NHSRCL provided a timeline of the development of the project, stating that the first girder will be launched on November 25, 2021, and the first kilometer of the viaduct will be completed in six months by June 30, 2022. Construction accelerated, reaching 50 kilometers by April 22, 2023, and 100 kilometers in the next six months.

The company explained how to use Full Span Launching technology (FSLM), which uses state-of-the-art machinery to launch 40 meter long box girders at speeds up to ten times faster than the traditional span-by-span approach.

Along with the construction of viaducts, 250 km of ghat work has been completed. Additionally, noise barriers have been installed along the viaducts. Moreover, the first reinforced concrete (RC) track bed similar to Shinkansen in Japan is being laid in Surat.

The total cost of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail corridor project is Rs 1.08 lakh crore, of which Rs 10,000 crore is contributed by the central government and Rs 5,000 crore by Gujarat and Maharashtra. A loan from Japan with an interest rate of 0.1 percent is used to pay the remaining costs.

With its launch in Ahmedabad in September 2017, the Bullet Train project is expected to revolutionize high-speed rail transport in the region by traveling over 500 km in about two hours.