Next chapter of political instability begins in Bihar: Prashant Kishor on Mahagathbandhan 2.0

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar broke away from the NDA coalition government and joined hands with the RJD, Congress and other regional parties after weeks of tension between the JD(U) and the BJP.

He said, “This is the sixth government in Bihar in the last 10 years. This is the next chapter in the political instability that has started in Bihar. Two things are constant in this scenario, the first thing is that Nitish Kumar should continue as the chief minister and the next thing is that That the condition of the state remains bad.”

The election strategist said that Nitish Kumar has tried different formations. However, he congratulated the new government of Bihar.

Last time when Mahagathbandhan was being formed in Bihar, Prashant Kishor was the main pillar. When asked what is the difference between today’s Mahagathbandhan and the Mahagathbandhan formed in 2015, Prashant Kishor said, “The Mahagathbandhan formed in 2015 had a different approach. Nitish Kumar left NDA in 2013 and the election was fought on agenda. That Nitish Kumar came out as an alternative to PM Modi. The elections were fought with the Mahagathbandhan, though the latter moved to the NDA. So it is a model of governance, there is no electoral politics in it.”

Prashant Kishor said that Nitish Kumar was not comfortable with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alliance and hence left.

He also talked about Tejashwi Yadav’s stand on prohibition in Bihar when he was in opposition. Tejashwi had also promised 10 lakh jobs to the people of Bihar when he came to power.

“When RJD was in opposition, it was criticizing prohibition. Now that he is in the government, let’s see what his stand on that. What will be his stand on 10 lakh job? We have to see that,” said the election strategist.

When Prashant Kishor was asked why he thinks Nitish Kumar remains the chief minister despite the lack of seats, he replied, “It is a matter of possibilities. Look at his political journey. He has also suffered. JDU is here.” The party had 115. In 2015 it came to 72 seats and now the party has 43 seats. Their credibility is declining. Its effect is visible in the elections also.

Apart from this, those close to Nitish Kumar are considering him as the face of the Third Front.

To this Prashant Kishor said, ‘I cannot claim what is in Nitish’s mind. Nitish is not the kind of person who would think so. Those who are discussing this are immature. It is not my job to tell who will challenge Modi. With a view to running the government. I don’t think there’s a big idea behind it.”