Now remote voting machine, you can vote from anywhere at your booth

New Delhi: Now you can exercise your franchise wherever you are. Yes, in a unique initiative, the Election Commission has developed a prototype remote electronic voting machine. To cast vote, it is necessary that where you have to vote, there should be a name in the voter list. Right now it is being tried as an experimental.

The prototype Remote Electronic Voting Machine (RVM) can conduct polling in 72 constituencies from a single remote polling booth. After selecting the state, district, tehsil and village in this remote sensing EVM, you will have to select the polling booth. After this, you will be able to vote in that area from any part of the country. The Election Commission has invited political parties to demonstrate the prototype RVM.

The committee, headed by Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar and comprising both commissioners Anup Chandra Pandey and Arun Goyal, has set up a resolution to enable remote polling stations for domestic migrant voters i.e. polling stations at the place of employment/education for the home constituency. This option has been found to use a modified version of the time-tested M3 EVM model for Thus, the migrant voter will no longer need to travel back to his home district to cast his vote.