Now Samsung is reversing the trend; Complete the pending works in office hours

New Delhi: Two years after the havoc of Covid-19, companies are focusing on more work. Meanwhile, many employees are claiming that Samsung is reversing the trend. This is because of its latest product. The electronics manufacturer has created a brand new computer mouse that is like no other mouse and was specifically made to prevent overwork.

When you start doing too much work, the Samsung Balance mouse flies off the desk. This is undoubtedly true, but Samsung’s new computer mouse not only acts like a real mouse, but appears to be one. However, it is still a concept mouse that was developed in partnership with an advertising agency as it will take time to get to market. Customers have to wait to pick up the mouse as it is not for sale yet.

Samsung has posted the video of this mouse on its official Korean YouTube channel. The main objective behind the design of the Balance Mouse was to improve work-life balance in Korea. Samsung has claimed in its advertisement that most office workers shy away from leaving early. There is a constant pressure on people to finish their unfinished work before leaving the office. Sometimes they have too much extra work to do.

In the video, Samsung claims to have developed a device that will solve the overwork problem. The manufacturer claims that although it looks like a regular mouse, it may prevent users from working longer than necessary. “This cutting edge product highlights its true qualities while working hard.

According to Samsung in the video, the wheels come out of the house and run away when given the opportunity because it recognizes hand gestures. The video also explains that you are very wrong if you think you can easily grab the mouse as it tries to run away because the mouse moves too fast.

Even if you do manage to grab the object, the central component of the mouse pops out. By purchasing the Balance Mouse, Samsung encourages people to enjoy their lives outside of work.