On Rahul’s failure, Mayawati wants Congress to consider Emergency

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati, in her reaction to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from Parliament, has drawn an analogy of the development with what happened during the Emergency imposed by the Congress regime under Indira Gandhi.

However, she said that such incidents have neither benefited anyone in the past nor will it benefit anyone in the future.

In a tweet on Saturday, Mayawati said that the Congress party should think that whatever happened in 1975 was right and what is happening now with their leader Rahul Gandhi is right.

She said that it is unfortunate that the earlier Congress and now the BJP governments are doing politics of extreme selfishness at every level, not paying attention to the important works of the general public and the country’s interest, so as to remove the serious problems of poverty, unemployment and backwardness.

Mayawati said that due to political malice and hatred, the country has neither benefited in the past nor is it going to happen in the future. “So, it is clear that after the independence of the country, in the last 75 years, if the different governments were honest and worked according to the constitution and democratic norms, India would have become a truly pioneer and ideal humanitarian developed country” she said. couple.

On the completion of 6 years of the Yogi Adityanath government in UP, the BSP chief said, ‘The tall claims being made through expensive and expensive propaganda of completion of six years of BJP’s double engine government in UP would have been true if there was a real connection . with ground reality. But this is not happening, there is less enthusiasm and more despair among crores of poor and backward.

Be it development, employment, rule of law or one district-one medical college etc., the claims being made by the government regarding UP Khushhal are mostly paper and air-air. The government should give up political and casteist hatred and communal attitudes and pay attention to the real public interest and public welfare.