Oxygen Express: 1334 MT of Oxygen supplied to Delhi from Oxygen Express

New Delhi: The Indian Railways is relieving people by continuing its campaign of supplying liquid medical oxygen on demand from different states of the country, facing the emerging challenges and looking for new measures. Around 2960 metric tonnes of oxygen has been supplied for medical use in 185 tankers in various states of the country. Now 47 Oxygen Express has completed its journey under this campaign.

Indian Railways is continuously working on its commitment to supply as much liquid liquid oxygen as possible on the demand of the states.

So far 174 MT has been supplied to Maharashtra, 729 MT to Uttar Pradesh, 249 MT to Madhya Pradesh, 305 MT to Haryana, 123 MT to Telangana and 1334 MT to Oxygen to Delhi.

At present, more than 260 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen are on its route in 18 tankers through Oxygen Express, which are to be delivered in Maharashtra, Haryana and Delhi. The transportation of oxygen by railways is a complex process and the statistics related to transportation are constantly being updated. Some other oxygen expresses may depart towards their respective destinations late at night.