Photocopies of sensitive records from Delhi Vigilance Secretary office after removed from duty

Vigilance Special Secretary YVV Rajasekhar, who was removed from the assignment by the AAP government, wrote another letter to Vigilance Secretary, Delhi Chief Secretary and Chief Vigilance Officer, alleging “serious lapses” in security as their The office was ransacked. And on the intervening night of 15 and 16 May, “photocopies” of “sensitive records” related to the cases under investigation were carried out.

Rajasekhar also wrote that he had “instructed” the assistant director (officiating) and the Delhi Police inspector in-charge of the secretariat to ensure that no one entered room 403 belonging to the special secretary, vigilance, especially the ‘confidential’ section. To be given

However, the Delhi government called the officer “totally corrupt” for his allegations and the “Wankhede” of the vigilance department (a reference to Sameer Wankhede, former zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau under investigation for extortion).

“He is a totally corrupt officer. It is the ‘Wankhede’ of the Delhi Vigilance Department. There should be an inquiry by the LG (Lieutenant Governor) as to how they were deployed in the vigilance in the first place. He was one of the key accused in the CNG kit scam and the CBI recommended disciplinary action against him. Many complaints have been received against him and many officials have said that he demands security money,” the government said in a reply.

It added: “The work was officially withdrawn from him through an order dated May 13. How come he still has all the files if he was officially fired on Saturday? When his work has been delegated to other officers, procedure demands that he should have officially handed over all the files. What is their interest in keeping some files even after they are deleted? Regarding his allegation that someone tried to barge into his office at night, the government will thoroughly investigate whether it is true or not. If it is true then strict action will be taken.”

Rajasekhar has alleged in his letter that at 9.14 pm on May 15, he received a call from AD Buniyad Singh, who told him that officials had been called to open his room. Rajasekhar further wrote that he had raised “serious objections” to the files being taken away “allegedly in the middle of the night on the instructions of the minister”.

He noted that preliminary investigation revealed that one “Manish (MTS)” had entered the room and “allegedly” photocopied all the records. The official also said that he was “not sure whether the records were taken, tampered with or photocopied”.

Rajasekhar is referring to files related to the alleged Delhi Excise Policy scam, alleged irregularities in the renovation of the 6, Flagstaff Road bungalow and the ‘Talk to AK’ campaign. He said that when he received the minister’s instructions, he had 76 files in the confidential section and sent them without scrutiny “as per the minister’s instruction”. But he did not send files and records related to Delhi Excise Policy, 6, Flagstaff Road bungalow renovation, ‘Talk to AK’ and others as they were “more sensitive”.

In his letter, Rajasekhar has also expressed apprehension that the records “will be destroyed or may be destroyed” and added that the authorities cannot take “oral instructions” as there is no “emergency”. He also suggested that there was “every possibility of a disturbance and breach of privacy, tampering, fabrication of records” in his room.

Rajasekhar’s letter comes three days after he was stripped of all the tasks assigned to him, raising questions about his jurisdiction. Vigilance Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj issued a note on May 13, which said, “There are complaints that YVVJ Rajasekhar is running an extortion racket and demanding ‘protection money’.” It further said that the allegation is “quite serious and needs to be probed in detail”.

The work that Rajasekhar was handling was divided among Assistant Directors (ADs), who would report directly to the Vigilance Secretary. The minister’s note also clarified that the AD should submit all the files directly to the Vigilance Secretary.

Rajasekhar, a 2012 batch IAS officer of AGMUT cadre, was appointed Vigilance Special Secretary in September 2022. He also held the charge of Special Secretary for Services and was probing cases of alleged corruption in the AAP government – Delhi Excise Policy, irregularities in renovation of 6K, Flagstaff Road Bungalow and more.