PM interacts with sports personalities, film stars on Fit India Movement anniversary

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a fitness protocol suitable for every age on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Fit India campaign through a virtual conference.

Modi interacted with various sports personalities, fitness experts and others during the Fit India Dialogue program organized on the occasion. The virtual dialogue was organized informally and casually in which the participants shared their life experiences and their fitness mantra with the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister’s Paralympic Gold Medalist, talks with sportsman Devendra Jhajharia

The Prime Minister appreciated Shri Devendra for awarding medals to India at various World Paralympic events. He asked Devendra how he overcame his challenges and became a world famous athlete.

Devendra Jhajharia recalled the challenge that arose after losing his hand after applying electric current, how his mother inspired him to behave as a normal child and work towards fitness.

Devendra Jhajharia said about the Prime Minister’s question about recovering from his recent shoulder injury and overcoming his idea of ​​retiring from the sport, that one must first believe in himself to overcome mental and physical challenges.

He performed some physical exercises and discussed his fitness mantra adopted to recover from his injury.

The Prime Minister praised the Paralympic Gold Medal winner for such inspiring work. He praised Jhajharia’s mother, who encouraged her at the age of 80.

Prime Minister’s conversation with Afsan Ashik, footballer

The goal keeper of Jammu and Kashmir said that every woman is required to keep herself fit, as she plays the role of mother and caretaker of the family. She told how she is inspired by MS Dhoni’s calm working style and how she meditates daily in the morning to keep herself calm and stable.

The Prime Minister asked for information about how the people of Jammu and Kashmir keep themselves fit despite the adverse weather conditions. The officer explained how they climb and how it improves their fitness level. He also said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir live at a higher altitude and their lungs have more breathing capacity and they have no problem breathing while engaging in physical activities anywhere.

Afsan also talked about how he should be mentally strong and physically resilient as a goal keeper.

Prime Minister’s conversation with actor and model Milind Soman

Referring to Milind Soman as ‘Made in India Milind’, the Prime Minister said that in his own way, he has been a strong supporter of Make in India. Milind Soman said that the Fit India movement has brought awareness among people, now they know about their physical and mental strength. He talked about his mother’s fitness. Soman said that in the past people were fit and they used to walk 40-50 km in villages to fetch water. But nowadays due to the use of technology in cities, we adopt a sluggish lifestyle which causes us to face many problems.

The Prime Minister said that there is no age for fitness. He praised Milind Soman’s mother for maintaining fitness. Milind’s mother also does push-ups at the age of 81.

Milind Soman said that by using whatever they have, any person can remain healthy and fit. All he needs is confidence and determination to do so.

Milind asked the Prime Minister how he dealt with criticism. In response to this, the Prime Minister said that work is done with full dedication, there is never any tension from working with a sense of service and duty to all. The Prime Minister said that competition is a symbol of healthy thinking, but one should focus on competing with oneself rather than the other.

Prime Minister’s conversation with nutritionist Rujuta Divekar

Rujuta Divekar insisted on reverting to the old ways of eating i.e. the culture of dal, chawal and ghee. He said that if we use local produce in our food, then our farmers and our local economy will also benefit. The approach of Vocal for Local is very important.

He spoke of international trends, where people are learning to make ghee and realize the importance of turmeric-milk.

Divekar talked about avoiding foods that harm our physical and mental health. Every region has their own specialty foods and homemade food is always helpful. If we stop using canned and processed food and use more homemade food, we see many benefits.

Prime Minister’s conversation with Swami Shivdhyanam Saraswati

Swami Shivdhyanam Saraswati said that he gets inspiration from the wishes of Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhaya. It means happiness of all and welfare of all.

He talked about his gurus and his inspiration to spread the importance of yoga. He referred to the methods of the Gurukul tradition of the ancient guru-disciple, which focused on the physical and mental development of the student.

He described yoga as not just an exercise but a way of life, which was adopted in the days of Gurukul.

The Prime Minister talked about adopting Yoga as per the changing lifestyle.

Prime Minister’s conversation with Virat Kohli

The Prime Minister discussed his fitness routine with Virat Kohli. Virat said that mental strength increases with your physical strength.

When asked by the Prime Minister how he left the famous Chhola Bhature of Delhi, Virat explained the importance of homemade food along with discipline in diet to increase the level of fitness.

Modi discussed how to maintain calorie intake. Virat said that the body should be given time to digest the food eaten. The Prime Minister talked about the Yoyo test and stressed the importance of bringing it into the fitness culture. When asked by the PM if he does not feel tired, Virat said that the body gets well in a week with good sleep, food and fitness.

PM’s conversation with educationist Mukul Kanitkar

Mukul Kanitkar said that fitness is a concept not only for the body but also for mental and social health. He emphasized the need to create a culture of health. He praised the Prime Minister for advocating Surya Namaskar. He described the Bhagavadgita as a discussion between two fit people.

He praised the Prime Minister for making fitness a part of the curriculum in the National Education Policy – 2020 and motivated everyone to work towards Fit India. He said that health is a combination of mind (emotion), intelligence (knowledge) and bhava (thought).

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the Fit India Dialogue focuses on fitness interests of every age group and is based on different dimensions of fitness.

Modi highlighted the fact that after the launch of the Fit India campaign, there has been a growing trend towards fitness in the country. Awareness about health and fitness is continuously increasing and people’s activism has also increased. He expressed happiness that yoga, exercise, walking, running, healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyles have become part of our awareness. He said that the Fit India campaign proved its influence and relevance in this Corona period despite the restrictions.

The Prime Minister said that staying fit is not as difficult as some people think. With a little discipline and a little hard work, you can always be healthy. He chanted ‘Fitness Ki Dose, Half Hour Daily’ for the health of all. He urged everyone to practice yoga, or badminton, tennis or football, karate or kabaddi for at least 30 minutes per day. He said that today the Ministry of Youth and Health Ministry jointly issued the fitness protocol.

The Prime Minister said that awareness about fitness has increased worldwide today. World Health Organization – WHO has created a global strategy on diet, physical activity and health. He has also issued a global recommendation on physical activity. Today many countries like Australia, Germany, UK and USA have set new fitness goals and are working on them. Large scale campaigns are going on in many such countries and more and more citizens are joining daily exercise routine.

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