PM Modi gave Rs 614 cr gift to Varanasi, said – Kashi did not stop in Corona

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday gave a gift of Diwali to his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. PM Modi inaugurated 19 projects through video conferencing. Also laid the foundation stone for 17 projects. Their total cost is 614 crores. The PM said that whatever is happening in Kashi by the grace of Baba Vishwanath. PM Modi said that Kashi is now becoming the center of health facilities. The beauty of the ghats has increased and the appearance of roads has changed.

After this, PM Modi also talked to the beneficiaries of some schemes of NDA government. PM Modi said that Kashi did not stop even during the Corona period, work continued. He said that congratulations to Yogiji’s team for the development work in the Corona era did not stop in UP. The PM said that culture-modernity is being taken care of in the development plans of the city and countryside in Varanasi.

PM Modi said, the main problem of Kashi is the hanging wires of electricity, but today a large area of ​​Kashi has become free from it. Previously, there were 12 flights to Varanasi, but now four times. In his address, PM Modi said that people living here and coming from outside are benefiting from the infrastructure of Kashi.

The PM said that connectivity of Banaras has always been the priority of our government. He said that new infrastructure is being developed here for Kashi residents and every devotee who does not spend time in road jams, adding that the light and sound program launched today will increase the grandeur of Sarnath. Will go A major problem of Kashi is the hanging of electric wires. Today a large area of ​​Kashi is also being freed from the trap of electric wires.

PM Modi’s discussion with basketball player Prashanti thanked PM Modi for creating a changing room in the stadium of Varanasi. Talking to a businessman, PM Modi appealed and said that good arrangements should be made for the workers in the factory.

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