PM Modi praised the Deputy Chairman for serving tea to suspended MPs

New Delhi: Opposition MPs created a ruckus in the Rajya Sabha on Sunday. They behaved unethically in the Rajya Sabha in front of the Deputy Chairman, crossing all the limits of dignity. Annoyed by this uproar, Chairman Venkaiah Naidu banned those 8 MPs in the House for a week.

Later these MPs staged a sit-in outside Parliament House. For these MPs sitting on the dharna, Deputy Chairman Harivansh arrived with tea in the morning. The video of this incident is going viral.

Let me tell you that yesterday when the performance of suspended MPs did not end inside the House, the Rajya Sabha was adjourned for the whole day. After this, all the suspended MPs sat on a dharna near the Gandhi statue inside the Parliament House complex. The deadlock is likely to continue in the Rajya Sabha even today.

Prime Minister Modi tweeted, “Everyone saw how they were humiliated, attacked and then the same people sat on a dharna in the temple of democracy.” But you will be happy that today, Harivansh ji made the same people to serve tea from his house in the morning. “

PM Modi tweeted that for centuries the great land of Bihar has been teaching us the values ​​of democracy. In line with that wonderful ethos, the inspiring conduct of Harivansh Ji, MP and Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker of Bihar this morning will make every democracy lover proud. Those whom tea was served by Harivansh ji attacked and insulted him in Parliament. Harivansh ji showed those people how humble and big-hearted he is. This shows his greatness. I congratulate Harivansh ji.

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