PM Modi said urge to consider lockdown as the last option

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation on Tuesday, “We are fighting another war against COVID-19”. This comes amid a sharp surge in COVID-19 cases and a second wave of epidemics across the country.

Modi began his address by expressing sympathy to those who have lost COVID-19 to a loved one, while acknowledging that the country is now facing the second wave of COVID-19.

We have to save the country from another lockout: PM Modi

Vaccines will be available free of cost in government hospitals. This will help the poor. Our effort is to keep the disruption to a minimum for both social and fiancé. Vaccines to be made available in urban areas at a fast pace: PM Modi

I urge the migrant laborers to stay where they are… It will be easy for them to get the vaccine in the cities. This will help them continue their work: PM Modi

You have fought all COVID-19s. I am sure Jan Bhagidari will help us fight COVID-19 again. There are many people who are helping people, whether it is food, meds or shelter. I thank these people for their efforts. I urge everyone to come forward and help the needy. I urge the youth to help ensure that the COVID norms are followed: PM Modi

“We didn’t have a COVID specific medical infrastructure last year … but now we have it for a short period of time. We are constantly extending trials,” he says.

We should not lose hope nor be afraid… We have to take the right call at the right time… that is how we will win this battle, ”said PM Modi

Work is on to increase the number of beds in hospitals. In some cities, large COVID19 dedicated hospitals are being built: PM Modi

“Our challenges are huge … but we have to overcome them,” says PM Modi.

PM Modi says, “We are fighting another war against COVID-19. Things were better in the last few weeks but now we are facing another wave.”

“I can understand your problems and suffering, especially those who have lost loved ones,” he says.

Earlier, PM Modi interacted with vaccine manufacturers across the country through video conferencing on Tuesday, in which he praised him for his achievements and professionalism. He said that the biggest strength of our vaccine industry is its ‘competence, resource and service sense’ and it is these that make them vaccine leaders in the world.

Stating that the government has now allowed vaccination programs for every adult to start from May 1, Modi urged vaccine manufacturers to continuously increase production capacity to vaccinate citizens in the shortest time possible. He has also praised the efforts and studies being done by the scientists in the development of new vaccines.

He credited her for developing and manufacturing vaccines in record time and at the cheapest rates, with the work of adding the largest vaccine program in India.

He said that in this entire process of vaccine development and manufacture, the country has continuously worked with a public-private-partnership spirit under ‘Mission Covid Security’, and has created an end-to-end vaccine development ecosystem . The government has ensured that all vaccine manufacturers not only get all possible help and logistic support, but also the process of vaccine approval is fast and scientific. He assured a smooth approval process for all potential support and vaccine candidates who are currently under testing phase.

In addition, he said that the health infrastructure in the private sector has played a big role in the country’s fight against Covid-19 and in the coming days it will play an even more active role in the vaccination campaign. This will require better coordination between hospitals and industry.

The vaccine makers thanked the government for its decision to allow vaccination for all people above the age of 18 and took various steps to provide greater incentives and flexibility. He commends the Prime Minister’s leadership for the support received from the Government of India during the process of vaccination development and production. They also discussed their plans for production, upcoming vaccine candidates and research on new variants.

On Monday, the PM had a meeting with doctors and pharma companies, in which it was decided to open the vaccination process through the private sector to all people above the age of 18 from 1 May.