PM Modi sets agenda for Niti Aayog meeting, emphasizes ease of doing business, ease of living for citizens

Discussing the National Development Agenda with the Chief Ministers of the state at the Neeti Commission Governing Council meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday stressed on the Center and the states working together and “making cooperative federalism even more meaningful”.

The PM said that it is time to bring competitive, cooperative federalism not only to the states, but also to the districts. “We have seen in the Corona period that when the state and the central government worked together, the country succeeded. The foundation of India’s development is that the center and the states work together and move towards a certain direction and make cooperative federalism more meaningful. Not only this, we must try to bring competitive, cooperative federalism not only between states, but also districts.

“The kind of positive feedback that has come on this year’s budget has expressed what the mood of the nation is. The country has made up its mind. The country wants to move fast, the country does not want to waste time anymore. “

“We are also seeing how the private sector of the country is coming forward with more enthusiasm in this development journey of the country. As a government, we have to respect this enthusiasm, the energy of the private sector and give it equal opportunities in the self-reliant India campaign,” he said.

Modi said that India managed to create a good image internationally during the Covid-19 period as the central and state governments worked together for the betterment of the people. “During the COVID period we saw how the Center and the states worked together, the nation was successful and a good image of India was revealed to the whole world. Today, when we are going to complete 75 years of independence, the meeting of this Governing Council becomes even more important. “

When most of the Chief Ministers were present at the meeting, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee missed it. A senior TMC leader said on condition of anonymity, “Mamata Banerjee cannot attend NITI Aayog meeting on February 20.”

Banerjee had earlier skipped the Niti Commission meetings and called it a “fruitless” practice, alleging that the body “has no financial power” and cannot support the state’s plans. The statement said that the sixth meeting of the Governing Council will enter Ladakh for the first time, with the participation of Jammu and Kashmir as UT.

The Governing Council meets regularly and its first meeting was on 8 February 2015. The council, the apex body of the government’s think tank, includes all Chief Ministers, Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories (Union Territories), several Union Ministers and senior government officials. .