PM opens infra projects in Chennai, PM praises Tamil Nadu farmers

Tamil Nadu Election 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Tamil Nadu, where assembly elections are to be held this year, to open a series of projects including a part of Chennai Metro Rail

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today lauded Tamil Nadu farmers that they had used “food production records” and water. Speaking in Chennai on Sunday, he said, “I want to applaud the farmers of Tamil Nadu for their good record of food production and water resources. We can do whatever we have to do to conserve water. Always ‘Per’ mantra Must remember. Drop, more crop “.

The Prime Minister was in Tamil Nadu, where assembly elections are to be held this year, to open a series of projects, including a portion of the Chennai Metro Rail. “In this year’s budget, ₹ 63,000 crore is set aside for Phase II of the project. This is the largest amount earmarked for a project in any city at one time. This will help the people of Chennai,” PM Modi he said.

He said, “Chennai Metro is growing rapidly … It will make everyone happy that we are starting the 9 km long section of Metro Rail, which has been completed on time by Indian contractors despite the Covid.”

The coastal region of Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister said, has received extra attention as “fishermen community is a symbol of mercy”.

Special importance has been given in the budget for developing the coastal region. Additional budget arrangements have been made for fishermen, emphasis has been laid on seaweed cultivation to improve the conditions of fishermen community. Come to Chennai.

“Our government has always taken care of the welfare and aspirations of our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka,” said PM Modi, who has been the first Prime Minister to visit Jaffna since the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

“The resources given by the government to the Tamils ​​are much greater than in the past,” PM Modi said. “The project involves 15,000 houses for displaced Tamils. Set up ambulance services for them, a hospital should be built there”.