Pranayam: Increase immunity and stay healthy

In this epidemic Covid-19 many companies are claiming about their products to increase immunity of the human body. How useful these products are for us will depend upon the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients present in them. Before purchasing these immunity boosters, one should also check the certification of any third party or authorized agency given in relation to these products. To increase our immunity we have an important option – Pranayama. Pranayama is the byproduct of the research of our ancient sages, which is available for all of us without any charge.
Pranayama means to expand or regulate life force or our vital energy.

Prana energy is not just air (oxygen) whatever energy exists in this universe, the essence of all of those is life energy. As long as there is vital energy in our body, we have conscousness and our life goes on. But we do not pay attention to our breathing process.Have we ever felt how many times we inhale and exhale per minute.

Humans inhale and exhale 15–16 times per minute on average. In one breath, we inhale r about 500 ml of oxygen into our lungs. While the capacity of our lungs is more than 4000-4500 ml of oxygen. So How can we be healthy when our lungs do not get full oxygen. Here is a solution. Practice pranayama in systematic way and our lungs, in one breath, will get 4000-4500 ml of oxygen.This will keep our lungs, heart and brain healthy.

Pranayama is of various types – Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalbhanti Pranayama, Anulom-Antonym, Bhramari etc. Today, we will discuss Bhastrika Pranayama. The word Bhastrika is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means ‘Dhaunkni’. How does a blacksmith ignite the fire more by filling the air in the bellows and then leaving this air to ignite the fire for melting the iron to get a proper shape after destroying all impurities from it. Likewise we inhale the breath through our both nostrils rapidly and then exale it rapidly with the same rhythm. Thus, in this pranayama, fast breathing is required to fill it up to our diaphragm and not to blow up our stomach . Those who have high blood pressure, heart disease etc., should do this pranayama at a slow pace. It is beneficial for everyone.

Before practicing Bhastrika Pranayama, choose a clean place for your asana. Doing pranayam in the morning in pure air will be more beneficial. Now sit on your asana in a meditative mudra (Padmasana, Siddhasana or in asana comfortable for you) and keep the waist, neck and head straight. Keep both hands on your knees in jayan mudra. Keep your eyes closed without any strain. Now fill the breath in two and a half seconds and release it in two and a half seconds in a rhythmic manner. Do it continuously without stopping. A person having no disease should do this pranayama for at least 5 minutes and those who have cancer, lung fibrosis, MS, SLE, etc. should do this pranayama for at least 10 minutes. This
pranayama should be practised with dedication and devotion . Think in mind that along with pranavayu, divine powers are also entering into our body. We are getting healthy every moment. The kind of thoughts you keep in mind, the same kind of effect it will have on our body.

Some important benefits from Bhastrika Pranayama are summarized as follows:

  1. Balances the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  2. Increases immunity.
  3. Colds, allergies, asthma etc. are removed.
  4. Pure air enters in sufficient quantity and toxic gases such as carbon dioxide are released through the breath. This keeps the lungs healthy.
  5. The heart and brain get sufficient amount of oxygenated blood and so they remain healthy.
  6. Continuous practice helps in Kundalini awakening.
  7. Response time, ie the time taken as a response to any stimulus, decreases, thereby developing the ability to make quick decisions.
  8. Get rid of the problem of low blood pressure.
  9. Heats up the body to avoid cold in winter.
  10. The blood is purified and each cell gets full amount of oxygenated blood.

Writer is yoga practitioner, he is retired Govt officer, now motivating people to practice yoga online with perfect techniques.

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