Presidential Polls: Draupadi Murmu’s nomination excited 10 crore tribals

New Delhi: National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu has said that her selection as a candidate for the top constitutional post has encouraged the tribal community and they did not let the country or the office down. promised.

Murmu said, “There are around 10 crore tribals with over 700 communities, and all are happy with my nomination.”

Addressing a meeting of NDA MPs, Murmu said, “I am thankful to the NDA leadership and all the political parties who supported me and gave me this honour. You all have chosen me for a very important responsibility and I will work to strengthen the democratic values ​​of the country.

“It is a rare honor for me and I assure all of you that I will not let the country or the chair down,” Murmu said.

A Santhal from Odisha, Murmu is set to win comfortably, thanks to the support of several regional parties including BJD, YSRCP, TDP and JMM. LJP leader Chirag Paswan, who opted out of the alliance during the Bihar elections, was present at the NDA meeting along with members of the rival faction of the party founded by his father late Ram Vilas Paswan.

However, both the factions of Shiv Sena, which have declared their support to Murmum, did not attend the meeting.

Although her victory was a foregone conclusion, she visited several states and sought their votes and support from leaders across political lines.

She had also met most of the opposition party leaders including Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Pawar and Mamata Banerjee and sought their support.

The BJP continued to insist on “flawless voting” by its voters and on Sunday asked all MPs to participate in a mock voting session.

The results of the presidential election will be announced on July 21 and the new president will be sworn in on July 24.

(with agency input)