Rahul Gandhi’s shocking comments for PM, said “he is spitting on army sacrifice”

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has used indecent language for PM Modi, breaking the dignity of the Prime Minister’s post. Rahul held a press conference in which he forgot that he was talking about the Prime Minister of India.

Rahul Gandhi called PM Modi a coward and said that he cannot stand in front of China. He continued, “He is spitting on the sacrifice of the army, he is doing it.” He is insulting the army’s sacrifice. No one should be allowed to do this in India. “He said, It is the prime minister’s responsibility to protect the country, he has given India’s land to China. It is their responsibility to solve this problem. This is their problem, not mine.”

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the Modi government over the withdrawal of the army on the India-China border. He said that in Pangong Lake area, our soldiers will be stationed on Finger 3, while our area is Finger 4. He asked PM Modi why we have handed over our territory to the Chinese. Rahul said, “Yesterday the Defense Minister gave a statement on the situation in East Ladakh. Now, we come to know that our soldiers will be stationed on Finger 3. Finger 4 is our area. Now, we have moved from Finger 4 to Finger 3. “Not caring for the dignity of the Prime Minister,” he said, “Why has Mr. Modi given our territory to the Chinese?”

The Congress leader said, “The negotiating position of the Government of India was that the situation should be restored in April 2020. The government forgot him. Narendra Modi bowed his head in front of China. Gave the forehead. Our land is up to Finger 4. Narendra Modi took the land of Finger 3 to Finger 4 to China.”

Questioning the withdrawal of the army from the border, Rahul Gandhi said that India did not get anything from this. He asked why the army has been asked to retreat after reaching a strong position. Rahul said, “What the Indian Army achieved after hard work, why are they now asked to step back?” What has India got in return? The most important thing is why the Chinese have not retreated in Depsang Plains? Why have they not retreated from Gogra and Hot Springs? The holy land of India, Narendra Modi has captured China. This is the truth.”