‘Rishi Panchami’, a day to express gratitude to the sages who have done infinite favors to human beings

As soon as the sage or sage utters these words, our hands are automatically joined and our head bows with respect. In this section of India, many sages have made India a tapobhoomi by doing spiritual practice according to different yoga methods.

He has written extensively on religion and spirituality and has made the society civilized by spreading Dharmacharan and Sadhana in the society. Today’s man is a descendant of various sages of ancient times; But since man has forgotten this, he does not know the spiritual significance of the sages. The importance and power of sages can be understood only by doing sadhna. The Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month is called ‘Rishi Panchami’, this year it is on 11th September. The fast of worshiping the sages on this day is mentioned in the scriptures. In this article compiled by Sanatan Sanstha, let us know the importance of Rishi Panchami, the method of fasting and other information related to it. Kotish: Salutations at the feet of the sages who laid down their lives for the overall welfare of human beings!

Rishis: Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadvaja, Vishwamitra, Gautam, Jamadagni and Vasishtha are the Saptarishis.

Purpose: On this day, the sages who have done infinite favor to human beings in the world with their tenacity, showing the right direction to human life are remembered on this day. This fast and the fasting of Gokulashtami also reduces the effect of menstruation, impurity and touch on women. (Due to Kshoradi penance/atonement, the effect on men is less and the effect on Vastu is less than Udakashanti.)

Method of fasting: On this day, women should clean their teeth in the morning with the stick of Aghada plant. After taking bath, I am observing this fast to please the Saptarishis including Arundhati, to remove the faults caused due to unintentional touch at the time of menstruation before worship. Make eight small pieces of rice on a wooden plate and place eight betel nuts on it, Kashyapadi, seven sages and Arundhati invoke them and perform Shodashopachar worship. On this day, take the diet of tuber root only. And eat nothing of the labor done by the bull. It has been told like this. On the second day, Kashyapadi seven rishis and Arundhati should be immersed in the form of eight portions of rice. Udyapan can be performed after twelve years or after the age of fifty years. This fast can be continued even after Udyapan.

Significance: The day of Rishi Panchami is considered as ‘Vedadin’. The importance of this day is that the ancient sages who had organized the maintenance and upbringing of the society, therefore sacrificing their whole life, created immortal music like Vedas, did the reformative work. This is a day to remember them with gratitude by being indebted to them.

Other information: Snakes are called Rishis. The grain prepared by pulling the plow by a woman on the one hand and a man on the other hand, that grain is eaten on Rishi Panchami. Food made with the help of animals should not be eaten on the day of Rishipanchami. When menstruation stops, women observe a fast on Rishi Panchami to repay their sage debt. Vyahruti means ability to give birth. They fast for 7 years to surpass the 7 Vyavratis. Then do Udyapan of the fast.

Read in Hindi: ‘ऋषि पंचमी’, मानव पर अनंत उपकार करने वाले ऋषियों के प्रति आभार व्यक्त करने का दिन है।