RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari blames Rahul Gandhi for Bihar defeat

New Delhi: Before the Bihar assembly election results, it seemed that the Grand Alliance would form the government this time. But, after the results came out, the picture of whose government will be formed in Bihar became completely clear. Seeing the turn of the dice, differences began to emerge in the Grand Alliance. RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari targeted Rahul Gandhi for the defeat of the Grand Alliance. He said that Congress fought 70 seats, but Rahul Gandhi did not even hold 70 rallies. Shivanand tweeted, accusing Rahul Gandhi that he was having a picnic during the election.

Speaking on the results of the Bihar assembly, RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari said, “The election was in full swing and Rahul Gandhi was having a picnic at Priyanka’s house in Shimla. Is the party going on like this? He has alleged that the way the Congress party is running its business, it is helping the Bharatiya Janata Party. “

Shivanand Tiwari told the news agency that Rahul Gandhi came to Bihar for only 3 days. Priyanka Gandhi did not even come. People who were not concerned with Bihar came here. this is not right. He said that Rahul Gandhi was having a picnic at Priyanka’s house in Shimla when the election was going on in full swing.

Tiwari said whether any party is run like this? These allegations can be made according to the way the Congress is being run. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is older than Rahul Gandhi, but he did more rallies than Rahul. Why did Rahul only do 3 rallies? This shows that the Congress was not serious about the Bihar election. Earlier there was news that Priyanka Gandhi would come to Bihar, but this did not happen.

Tiwari said- Congress insisted on contesting more and more seats than merely winning the assembly seats. The way the Congress dealt with Akhilesh in UP, how he contested more seats than NCP in Maharashtra and won fewer seats than him. Their emphasis is on fighting in more seats, but they are not able to win in more possible seats. Congress should think about this.

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