Saharanpur: Appeal to Darul Uloom Deoband – criticize France for making cartoons

Darul Uloom Deoband in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh has appealed to the central government to condemn France and bring international law against Ishaninda. This statement from Deoband has come at a time when India has supported the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Abdul Qasim Nomani, Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom, a stronghold of Islamic education, said, “All heads of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), as well as other Islamic countries, have a responsibility to formulate a strategy against the French government on the International Forum.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the recent attacks, including the terrorist attack in the city of Nice, France. At the same time, the Ministry of External Affairs also condemned the attacks on Macros and said that India is with France in the fight against terror.

Explain that the controversy started after making the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. France has also made it clear that it will not back down from making cartoons, after which there is resentment in Muslim countries. A few days ago, France is taking stern action against Islamic fundamentalists after strangling a teacher. There is an atmosphere of resentment against France in Muslim countries.

Three people, including a woman, were killed in a terrorist attack in a church on Thursday in the city of Nice in France. The attacker beheaded a woman with a knife and also brutally killed 2 others.